If you do not know your School Gmail account or are new to the district you can obtain this information by
emailing Kathy Holden  ( kholden@ncolonie.org) or parents of current students can log into their Parent Portal account and click on the Student Account tab for username/password information.  
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Note:  Students will find out who their new teachers are that they can share their projects with after August 15th , 2018)

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the North Colonie Central School District’s Elementary Summer Reading Project.  

Reading is the most important lifelong skill that we can help our children to learn and practice.

Goal: To encourage students to read for pleasure and continue to refine their reading skills in order to become lifelong readers.



-        Read and/or listen to THREE books ( Grades 3-6) and FIVE books ( K-2) of your choice. Types of books may include fiction, nonfiction, biography, age appropriate picture books, series, poetry collection, etc.

-        Complete a Reading Log entry for each book. ( This may be found on a TAB on the top of this page)

-        Complete at least ONE choice activity for ONE of the three or five books read.

-        Parents are encouraged to read aloud to and with their children.


-        This is a district-wide expectation

-        The choice  electronic activity will be submitted prior to or on the first day of school.

-        Expect the reading log and choice activity to be used in class as a follow-up activity.



-        Public and school librarians and teachers are eager to suggest other titles in fiction and nonfiction (including math, science, and social studies).

If students in Grades K-6 wish to submit a project electronically or create one of the many ONLINE Projects they will use their new GOGLE DOCS SCHOOL ACCOUNT. 

The login information for this will be included in the summer mailing from the District . Students going into Grades 1-6 should already know their login.

There are directions on the left sidebar for directions, labeled "Online Project Submission" for doing this

A Video Tutorial on how to login to your new Google Drive

FAQ about your child's new Google Docs for Education Account

If you have any questions about the New Google Docs for the District please email (gary.cimorelli@nccsk12.org)

If you have any questions about the Account login information email Kathy Holden ( kholden@ncolonie.org)

Some Possible Apps for Summer Reading