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Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome to the Norris 8 Block!  I hope this will be a challenging and enriching year for you as you continue to build your reading, writing, and thinking skills.  The Common Core Learning Standards set very high goals for 8th graders. I believe that with hard work, focus, and a lot of practice reading and writing, all students will make great gains on the road to achieving these goals. I hope that parents and students alike will use this site to help stay organized and ahead of upcoming assignments. Generally, I update this site on Mondays, and it will include an overview of the week, the homework schedule, my after school availability, as well as helpful links and review games for quizzes. Please check it regularly. Student grades can be accessed through the parent portal.  I update these grades every 1-2 weeks. 

  • 3-subject notebook
  • folder
  • loose-leaf paper
  • pen/pencil
  • highlighter
  • planner

Book Schedule
(these are the whole-class titles we will likely read this year)

8e- Lord of the Flies, The Giver,
Fahrenheit 451, The Little Prince, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and To Kill a Mockingbird

8r- The Call of the Wild
The Giver,
To Kill a Mockingbird

Agenda for the Week:  6/3-6/7

This week students DO NOT need to write in their RRJ's.

8r and 8e students should be finished reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.  We will review the book in class on Monday and Tuesday, and there will be one last quiz on Wednesday.  This quiz will cover chapters 22-31 and vocabulary lists 4-5.  Students should also be working on their thank you letters that need to be complete by  Friday.  Additionally, students will have the written portion of their final exam in class on Thursday.  Finally, I will be handing out a review guide to help students to prepare for the multiple choice portion of the final (June 18), and we will begin to work on this in class while also watching the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird.  

Students are reminded to come see me after school on my available days when they owe work, have questions about an assignment, need extra help, or just want a quiet place to read or do work.  Anyone who would like to come after school to work on essay revisions is encouraged to do so this week.  


This Week's HOMEWORK Assignments:
8r- none
8e- finish E-B guides (due Wednesday)

All- review for TKAM Quiz #4

Wednesday- All- Spelling Quiz #4 tomorrow!
All- work on thank you letter; be ready for in-class written portion of the final exam

All- finish thank you letter

All- review guides- vocabulary and lit terms sections

Reader-Response Journal Reminders

For EACH WEEK you are required to work in your RRJ, you should be doing the following:

·           Choose book titles that you're interested in reading and that challenge your reading/thinking.

·           Read for 30 minutes (or more) 5 times a week (or the equivalent) and record the # minutes each time you read in your reading calendar (to be turned in with the RRJ)

·           Write 2-3 entries per week (3-4 for 8e) in the RRJ- this writing should include reader-response journals, sketches or other drawings, and observations about yourself, school, reading/writing, authors, or the world. Above all, demonstrate reflection on the book you're reading and/or how it connects to yourself and your thinking.  

Your grade will depend on how neatly, accurately, and thoroughly you complete the above requirements, as well as how good your writing is (quantity and quality).  See me if you ever have questions along the way.  

After School


Come see me if you have a question about anything we're doing, if you need extra help with an assignment, if you owe me assignments, or if you just want a quiet place to read and do work.  
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