Welcome to my First Grade Classroom for the 2016-2017 school year! 

 June 5th

     ~ New Spelling Lists are coming home today. This will be our last week Spelling Homework.
     ~ Scholastic Flyers went home last week. Please have all orders in no later than Friday, June 9th by 3 pm. This will allow orders to
         be delivered before school lets out for the summer.
     ~ Next Week students will be allowed to wear out of uniform. Students should still follow the school dress code. Also please make
         sure students have sneakers so they can play on the playground. 
     ~ If students are being picked up at 11:30 next week a note needs to be sent to school each morning! Thank you!

May 31

     ~ There is no Spelling for this week. We will review previous lists in class.
     ~ Our last Math Topic Test will be on Friday
     ~ June Scholastic Flyers will be sent home on Thursday. All orders will be due on June 9th by 3 pm.

 May 15

     ~ Thank you in advance for all the work you put into this week!!!
     ~ Scholastic Flyers are being sent home today. Orders will be due on May 30th by 3 pm
     ~ Please make sure students wear or bring sneakers to school everyday. As long as the weather permits we will be going outside
     ~ A new Spelling List is being sent home today.