Marine Biology

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 Marine Biology course grading & profiencies

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The following expresses these categories and their respective weights:

Assessment: ( 50% ): Tests, Quizzes and Lab practicals

Labs/Projects: ( 25% ): Projects, Lab reports & participation

Class-work: ( 25% ): Homework, Class participation & Class-work


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1. Identify the marine bodies of water on earth.

2. Determine the percent salinity of various bodies of water.

3. Define and give the characteristics for each type of the major marine ecosystems.

4. List each type of algae and describe their characteristics.

5. Describe the adaptations of various NJ beach plants

6. Describe the symbiotic relationships between marine species.

7. Explain why sponges are the simplest animals, identify sponge cell types and their functions

8. Compare and contrast each of the marine worm phyla, give representative species for each.

9. Compare and contrast unique functions of various classes of the Mollusk phylum.

10. Examine the structure and function of book gills and other adaptations in marine arthropods.

11. Explain all structures involved in the feeding mechanism of the sea star, explain how each functions.

12. Compare and contrast the three sub-classes of fish

13. Explain the different types of locomotion and sensation in fish.

14, List the characteristics of the various types of marine reptiles.

15. Explain the relatedness of structure to function in shore birds.

16. List adaptations which are found in marine birds.

17. List five marine mammal adaptations for life in ocean waters.

18. List the effects of various pollutants of the marine ecosystem.

19. Give examples of conservation successes and failures in NJ.

20. List several of the endangered species of animals in our area.

Tests and Quizzes:
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