Hi! Welcome to the Technology Webpage. My name is Mrs. McMillan and I am the technology teacher here at Parsons Elementary School. I am also the Technology Ambassador here at Parsons. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime at if you have any questions about the technology program here at Parsons. 

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Today's standardized tests (such as the PARCC) require students as young as 3rd grade to type their answers on a Chromebook. Therefore, students need to use the limited time they have to take the test to decipher test questions, formulate their responses, and also navigate the keyboard accurately. Therefore, a
ll students are encouraged to set aside time each day for daily typing practice. The NBT School District has purchased a Typing Agent program account for each student, which s/he can access from home via the home page, under For Students > Typing Agent. There are also so many typing games which are a great way to encourage daily typing practice while creating an atmosphere that is so fun, your child won't even realize s/he is actually working at a new skill! Please have your child try the games below, which have levels from beginner to advanced, and also check out the Keyboarding Websites page on the Technology Page on the Parsons School Website. 

Teaching children the correct methods of keyboarding while they are young is an important step to ensuring their future success. If you do not have a computer for your child to practice typing skills at home, please contact me at so that I can set up a time for your child to get some extra keyboarding practice time in the computer lab.