Our Amazing Kindergarten Team!

Our Kindergarten Teachers:

  • Mr. Agyeman & Ms. Meth
  • Mrs. Ripa/Ms. Scoras
  • Mrs. Gilmore
  • Ms. Fernandes
  • Sra. Guzio
  • Mrs. Cox-Child Development Specialist
  • Mrs. Fama-ELA Academic Support


    Homework will continue to be sent home on Mondays and

    collected on Fridays.

    After explaining the nightly assignment, please have your child independently complete the assignment so they can continue to build on their academic skills.

    We work hard each day to build on our independent work skills in all subject areas!
    Each day we will continue to make good choices and
    work our hardest.

    What We're Doing...

    In math we are...
    learning how to count!

    In reading we are...

    using our gentle fingers to read a book from the cover then reading page by page.

    In writing we are...

    using pictures to come up with ideas and write stories. We are writing about our families and what we like to do in Kindergarten.

    In phonics we are...

    learning our letterland characters!