Our Amazing Kindergarten Team!

Our Kindergarten Teachers:

  • Mr. Agyeman
  • Ms. Dunnigan
  • Ms. Rudolph & Mrs. Tekkoc
  • Mrs. Ripa
  • Mrs. Gilmore
  • Mrs. Cox-Child Development Specialist
  • Mrs. Fama-ELA Academic Support


    Homework will continue to be sent home on Mondays and

    collected on Fridays.

    After explaining the nightly assignment, please have your child independently complete the assignment so they can continue to build on their academic skills.

    We are working hard each day to build on our independent work skills in all subject areas!
    Each day we will continue to make good choices and
    work our hardest.

    In science we are...

    observing and investigating different weather patterns, learning new vocabulary, and measuring temperature daily in and out of our classrooms.

    In social studies we are...
    going to be creating New Year’s Resolutions, learning how our families are the same and different in the Family Unit,
    and learning about
    Martin Luther King, Jr.  
      What We're Doing...

    In math we are...
    working on solving and creating addition and subtraction story problems by drawing. We will continue to work on number recognition, teen numbers, sorting, concretely counting to 50 by ones and counting from any given number other than 1.

    In reading we are going to be learning how to use our toolbelt strategies

    (ie. eagle eyes,

    lips the fish, stretchy snake,

    chunky monkey, and skippy frog)

    to figure out unknown

    words in books.

    In writing we are finishing the unit on “Getting Ideas” and will begin the unit on “Telling More.” The students will learn how to re-read their stories and add more details to their stories.

    The students will continue to build on their spelling of words by writing the sounds they hear in words and using the sight words on the word wall.

    In phonics we continue to learn letter sounds, the proper letter formation, and building words

    by segmenting and blending sounds together.