Welcome to the Parsons Elementary School Counselor's Page!
Ms. Grace Ayudant, MA, LAC, NCC

  • I can help bridge the communication between school and home.
  • I can encourage each student fulfill their goals and succeed in school!
  • I can help parents and students cope with major life changes (such as divorce, death of a loved one, and more).
  • I have the chance to collaborate with teachers, administration, parents, and others to create a positive and welcoming school environment.
  • I can develop parent-counselor relationships (which can lead to better overall outcomes for students). 
  • I can help parents can feel heard and valued in the school community.
  • I can partner with teachers. They are excellent sources of referrals since they know their students well!
  • I get to work with teachers to identify learning needs of the student and set individualized goals and objectives. 
  • I care about Parsons' students and their futures!


"The mission of the North Brunswick School District, in partnership with the community, is to educate, inspire and empower our students to meet challenges and achieve success."