Our Amazing   
5th Grade Team! 
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    5-1 Mrs. Talbert & Ms. Waters  
    5-6 Ms. Fennik



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    Reading responses/logs 

    In language arts, 
    we are reading  
     "Just Right" 
    nonfiction texts. 

    In writing, we are developing characters and plots in fiction. 

    In science, 
    we are exploring 

    For extension games and activities, click the ecosystems icon below to link to 
    our current unit on 
    the science page on the 
    Parsons Technology Website:


          What we're doing...

    In math, we are learning 
    all about fractions. 
    We are finding common denominators, adding/subtracting 
    fractions and 
    finding equivalent fractions.

    In social studies, we are learning about when the early explorers encountered the Native Americans. 
    Our essential questions 
    for this unit include 
    "Why are customs and cultures important to one’s identity?" and "How did past
    interactions among people impact cultures?"

    Students will research and create a newscast about the impact of European settlers
    on Native American life.