Mrs. Rozycki

to our classroom web page where you can find some basic information about our class. Please feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions or concerns that you may have. There are so many wonderful learning experiences in 4th grade--I look forward to teaching my students every single day!

This month’s math unit will be building off of previously learned skills.

It is extremely important that your child know their basic multiplication facts

in order to grasp upcoming skills.

In order to multiply two or three digit numbers by one digit, they must know the basic facts.

Please encourage your child to study these facts for just 5-10 minutes EVERY night as part of their math homework.

Playing games to practice facts can make it more fun!

4-1 Mrs. Rozycki
Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Music & Technology
Thursday: Art & World Language
Friday: Library

As we continue our science unit about the
Earth and Moon, we'll be observing the night sky in our nightly journal. Make sure to talk about the type of moon your child is observing at night!
If the weather isn't cooperating, feel free to use technology to look up the current phase of the moon!

Please encourage your child to read each night for 25-30 minutes. Students should record in their reading logs every night and return to school the next morning.

Ask your child about the book that they are reading for their log every night.

I encourage you to read to them,

have them read out loud to you or a sibling, or simply read to themselves silently. It’s  a good idea to mix these up and not always read quietly to ourselves.

This helps to

make sure that

your child is understanding what they are reading.

A conversation about a book is a great

way to spend a few minutes!