Welcome to the Parsons 4th Grade Website! Fourth grade is a special time, as it marks the big leap from "little kid" to "big kid". This is a year of huge growth--academically, socially, and emotionally. 
The Parsons 4th grade team is sensitive to the unique needs of your 4th-grade child and will work together with you to provide a warm, safe environment for him or her to grow and learn. 
Our Amazing 
4th Grade Team!
What We're Doing in...

Fourth graders are studying Earth and Space Science during the second marking period. The unit of study covers the earth's layers, fossils, soil, weathering and erosion, maps, and patterns in the earth's features. Students will be making models of the earth's layers, as well as the different types of fossils. Experiments include creating different fossils, showing the difference between weathering and erosion, the effects of a "glacier", an earthquake challenge and a research project.


What We're Doing in...


Fourth graders are studying how to write fiction stories. Students are learning how to develop a story using their imagination. They are learning how to use sensory details in their writing to help the reader visualize, hear, smell, taste and feel their experience. They will complete a published fiction story to share with the rest of the class at the end of this unit. Be on the lookout for some creative stories using their incredible imaginations!

What We're Doing in...


Fourth graders are studying how to read like a fan. Students will work in small book clubs to study a particular author of their choice. They will also share similarities and differences that they find amongst several of their authors books. They will have meaningful conversations about the literature they read. Ask your child who their author is and what they've learned about them so far.

What We're Doing in...

Textbook used: We The People

Fourth graders are studying human rights, as well as, relatable and influential individuals that took a stand for one of our human rights. Some famous people we will be learning about include Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Stanton and Malala Yousafzai. We will also talk about rules while introducing the Bill of Rights.

What We're Doing in...

Fourth graders are focusing on learning division in unit 6. Students will be exploring different strategies to help them solve division problems and number stories. Some possibilities are drawing a picture, using the Partial Quotients Algorithm, using multiplication and extended multiplication. All of these strategies will get you the same answer! Just pick the one you like best!

Students will also explore capacity, measuring and drawing angles.

What can we do at home to practice???

-Log into Xtra Math and practice your basic multiplication facts EVERY night!
-Play a math game with someone at home or go onto connected!
-Practice basic multiplication facts using fact triangles or flash cards.
-Turn over 2 cards at a time or roll two dice and multiply them.