Our Amazing 
4th Grade Team!
Welcome to the Parsons 4th Grade Website! Fourth grade is a special time, as it marks the big leap from "little kid" to "big kid". This is a year of huge growth--academically, socially, and emotionally. 
The Parsons 4th grade team is sensitive to the unique needs of your 4th grade child, and will work together with you to provide a warm, safe environment for him or her to grow and learn. 

Homework: What to Expect

In this science unit,

students will record observations of the night sky and analyze data to discover the sequence

of the moon’s phases.

Students will then learn about different landforms and discover the processes that change

the Earth’s surface

by creating models

of weathering and erosion.

Students will be able to define what a fossil is and explain

what they know about

the Earth’s history.

For extension games and activities, click the picture below, which will bring you to our current unit on the

science page on the

Parsons Technology Website:



Nonfiction Expository

Our students will immerse themselves in nonfiction texts about countries. Partners will select a country to research together. Each pair of student will write, revise, and publish an informational report about that country. Students will learn research skills, such as taking notes, categorizing information by subtopic and conducting effective internet searches.

Our students will take the knowledge that they’ve learned from the reading units of study, biography and nonfiction, to create a published piece that includes nonfiction text features. Partners will share resources fairly, make decisions together, and take responsibility for their own part of the work.



Investigating Our Interests

We will be working to build upon our knowledge learned in third grade to dig deeper in the genre. Lessons will include focus on the differences in the organization of these texts, identifying main ideas and supporting details,

and recognizing the ways authors share their information.

At the end of the unit, groups will work together during class time to combine all that they have learned in a final sharing of information.


Unit 4 - Multi-digit Multiplication

We will be spending this month focusing on Multi-digit Multiplication.  

After introducing the basic principles of multiplying multidigit numbers by focusing on extended multiplication skills, we will explore the partial-products method.  

Partial Products is new to

all of us grown ups, but please give it a chance.  It really helps students break apart numbers to use their mental math skills.  There are examples to follow this method on the top of the Home Links.  When your children go on EveryDay Math they may want to try the following online games:

Beat the Computer

Multiplication Top It

Multiplication Wrestling

Social Studies:

US Government

We are learning about

our government in our social studies unit of study.

Students will identify, compare and contrast the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

In our final project for this unit, students will apply their knowledge of government

by creating a

mock congressional hearing.

Textbook used: We The People