Our Amazing 
4th Grade Team!
Welcome to the Parsons 4th Grade Website! Fourth grade is a special time, as it marks the big leap from "little kid" to "big kid". This is a year of huge growth--academically, socially, and emotionally. 
The Parsons 4th grade team is sensitive to the unique needs of your 4th grade child, and will work together with you 
to provide a warm, safe environment for him or her 
to grow and learn. 

Homework: What to Expect

(Please see individual teacher pages)


Motion & Design

Just as engineers do,

students test their vehicle designs and repeatedly evaluate and refine

them until the designs

meet specifications.

The motion and

design unit combines designing and building.

The unit enables students

to analyze the motion of vehicles they have built, investigate how forces

affect a vehicle's motion,

and design vehicles that are propelled by stored energy.  Students reflect on their work throughout the unit and grasp how they can apply these problem-solving skills and concepts in their own world.


Fiction Unit

Students will explore fiction writing and they draft, revise, and publish their own stories.

By hearing different kinds

of fiction and exploring how authors get ideas and put stories together, the students learn how to integrate elements of character,

setting and plot into

their own writing.  

They explore features of good

fiction including descriptive details, transitional words

and phrases, and endings

that bring a story’s events

to a close.

Finally, they learn important skills and conventions pertinent to fiction writing, such as punctuating dialogue, punctuation for effect, and using first and third person points of view.  


Author Study:

Eve Bunting

The author study unit will allow students to read, talk, think, and write about what they notice in the books they read by a certain author.

After studying the author’s life, students will find a series of books he or she has written. Students identify common themes and style characteristics of the author. Throughout the unit,

students make predictions

and identify themes based

on what they have learned.


Unit 8:

Fraction Operations; Applications

This is the final unit of the fourth grade math curriculum. Students apply their knowledge of fractions, number stories, patterns

and geometry to different

real world scenarios.

Students learn to solve multistep number stories while working with

decimals and fractions. Students will be converting fractions and liquid measurements and find equivalent names for numbers.

Social Studies:

Unit 3 :

Why People Move

In this unit, students compare and analyze different types

of maps as a reason

why people move.

They will apply prior knowledge of map skills to compare data on three different types of maps

in addition to describe the importance of geographic features in choosing locations for expansion of the U.S.

Students will analyze the importance of Lewis and Clark’s expeditions and form

a conclusion about why

people moved westward.

They compare and contrast different roles of pioneers who headed west on the Oregon Trail and identify the incentive of gold which prompted further expansion Westward to California for different races, cultures, and genders.

Finally, students determine the patterns of immigration

to the United States and

explore the changing process of emigrating to

the United States

Textbook used: We The People