Our Amazing 3rd Grade Team!
3-4 Mr. Kravetsky
Welcome to the Parsons 3rd Grade Website!

Special Activities

During the 2017-2018 school year, the third grade classes will be participating in the Adopt-A- Cop Program with the North Brunswick Police Department.

Also during this school year, our classes will also be visited by the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium to receive lessons

on self-empowerment and creating a positive self-image.

In Math, we are working

in Unit 3 of Everyday Math.

Students are learning how to:

  • Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division

  • Multiply and divide within 100

  • Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  • Identify and explain number patterns

  • Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit addition and subtraction


In science we...

are working in our Sound Unit.  

We are conducting

experiments and

collecting data


various hands-on activities.  

The students are learning

how sound is produced,

how sound travels,

and how the frequency

of vibrations is related

to the pitch.  

In reading...

We are continuing to learn how to use and apply text features to better understand

Nonfiction Texts.  

Please click below for

examples of many

nonfiction text features

your child will be learning

about during this unit.

In writing...

the students will be

immersing themselves in nonfiction texts about animals.

Students will select an animal

to research. Students will then write, revise, and publish an informational report about the animal. Third graders will use facts, details and definitions to add substance to their writing.

In this unit, students will learn research skills such as taking notes, categorizing information by subtopic, and conducting effective Internet searches.