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Special Activities

Please have your child

check his/her planner and backpack each day so you know everything going

on at school!

What we're doing in math...
We are studying multiplication strategies and focusing on fact power. We will also be working on orders of operation and math.
Please remember to practice math facts each night!


What we're doing in science...
We have started our new unit Weather and Climate. The students are learning the "ingredients" of weather, different biomes and climates around the world, and severe weather.  They will then take this knowledge and create "hurricane houses" that they will build with the purpose of holding up in a hurricane.  

What we're doing in 
social studies...

In Social Studies, we have been studying the American Revolution and important events and people that lead to the revolution.
What we're doing in language arts...

In reading...

Students have been busy becoming experts studying characters in our fiction books. We will focus on analyzing character traits.

In part two of this unit, students will be engaging in book clubs with their peers. Students will be having conversations about the characters in the books.

In writing...

We have moved into writing Fiction Writing.  The students will be writing realistic fiction stories. We are learning to develop a story by including story elements in our writing.