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What we're doing in math...

In Unit 7, students will revisit volume measurement and focus on comparing, estimating, and then measuring liquid volumes. They will continue to develop an understanding of fractions as numbers by exploring a new a fraction model and fractions as representations of distances on number lines. 

In Unit 8, children will deepen and apply their understanding of multiplication, division, measurement, and attributes of shapes.

In Unit 9, children will further develop their understanding of multiplication and division as they apply basic fact knowledge to mentally solve number stories and multiply larger factors. They will also interpret length-of-day data and work to calculate elapsed time more efficiently.


What we're doing in science and 
social studies
Third graders are so excited to start our final unit of science which is the Life Science Unit. Students are engineering and creating models to show various forms of seed dispersal in plants. Students will also be learning about life cycles and hereditary traits. This unit is very hands-on and engaging for all of our third-grade scientists.

We are excited to begin the study of our home state, New Jersey.  We are kicking off the unit by visiting the NJ State Museum and the Barracks which will give the students a look into the past and New Jersey’s tie to the American Revolution.


What we're doing in language arts...

In reading..

In one of our final reading units Elephants, Penguins, and Frogs, Oh My!  Students will form clubs, and each club studies its own animal in Part 1, another animal in Part 2, then compares and contrasts those animals in Part 3, and finally research a more overarching concept. The unit will  end with children applying what they have learned about animals to a real-world project. Students will work on synthesizing information learned about a topic, identifying nonfiction text structures, note taking and applying research.

In writing...

The third trimester in writing workshop has the students working in small groups to research and write about an animal.  Students will be focusing on their own topic to add to their expository writing report. They will learn how to pull out information and rephrase it in their words.  We will also end the year with some functional writing and students will explore writing poetry to end the year in writing.