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Special Activities

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What we're doing in math...

In Math, students have been working on deepening their understanding of multiplication, division, measurement and attributes of shapes.  


What we're doing in science and 
social studies

Our classes are transitioning from science to social studies or social studies to science. In the science unit, we are focusing on life cycles and inherited and learned traits. We are even getting to explore some fossils. In social studies, we are focusing on the history of our great state of New Jersey! We are learning about important locations, events and other attributes that make our state great!


What we're doing in language arts...

In reading...

In Reading, students are working in groups to research animals and becoming experts on that topic. Students have been enjoying working together and studying subtopics across different texts.

In writing...

We are finishing up Opinion Writing and starting Functional Writing.

We will be reading and discussing directions for how to perform simple activities, exploring craft elements of functional writing, and writing directions for others to follow.