Our Amazing 3rd Grade Team!
3-4 Mr. Kravetsky
Welcome to the Parsons 3rd Grade Website!

Special Activities

During the 2017-2018 school year, the third grade classes will be participating in the Adopt-A- Cop Program with the North Brunswick Police Department.

Also during this school year, our classes will also be visited by the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium to receive lessons

on self-empowerment and creating a positive self-image.

In Math, we are working

in Unit 7 of Everyday Math.

Students are learning how to:

  • Represent fractions using words, pictures, and number lines.

  • Compare fractions as greater than, less than, or equal.

  • Solve problems involving measurements with time, mass, volume, and length.


In social studies we...
are learning about how the United States won their freedom from England in the Revolutionary War. Not only will will we be learning about the war itself, but we will be studying the "Road to the Revolution" by learning about major events leading up to the point of war. 

In reading...

We are becoming Mystery Detectives! The students are reading a variety of mystery stories while learning how to read closely to collect clues and make predictions and inferences to help solve the mystery. During this unit, the students will be learning how to have meaningful conversations in Book Clubs!

In writing...

the students are letting their creative juices flow by drafting fiction stories! The students will be learning how to organize their fiction stories clearly with a beginning, middle, and end, as well as a clear problem and solution. The students will also be taking on the task of developing their characters in their stories using descriptions of physical appearance, actions, and dialogue.