Ms. Schneiweis

Ms. Schneiweis 
     Welcome to our classroom web page where you can find some basic information about our class. There are so many wonderful learning experiences in 2nd grade. I look forward to teaching my students every single day!
         Please feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions or concerns that you may have. 
                                         Your child should be reading for 20 minutes 
                                        each night and complete their Daily Reading Log.


Ms. Schneiweis (2-2)                                                 It is very important for students to

Monday: Gym & World Language                                  develop fact fluency in second grade. One way

Tuesday: Gym & Art                                                          this can be done is by playing the Everyday 

Wednesday: Technology                                                  Math Games taught in class. Please encourage 

Thursday: Library                                                             your child to log on to the Everyday Math site 

Friday: Music                                                                    and play these games at home. Students know

                                                                                            how to access these games with their log in. If 

                                                                                             you have any questions, please let me know.

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