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Check out our career day pictures here!
The second graders enjoyed the visits from both parents and members of the community, who spoke to them about their jobs. 
We would all like to thank Mrs. Whalen, Mrs. Puleio, 
Mrs. Girglis, and everyone who participated for making 
Career Day a huge success!


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Unit 3

“What Are You Curious About?”

In this unit we read and explore nonfiction texts of different styles.  We will use all parts of a text to learn new information.  We will read and discuss nonfiction texts.  We will gather information on one topic from different sources in order to become an expert.

We suggest visiting

our technology page for  

Reading Eggs and other kid friendly resources!


Unit 3- Fiction

We will read, discuss and write about fiction topics .  We will choose writing topics based on specific ideas discussed and modeled in the classroom during daily lessons. Our students will not only write fiction stories but we will share our writing amongst other peer authors.  As always, we will focus on student-teacher conferencing where we will address proper writing techniques.  


Design & Technology

We will learn problem solving through hands on activities.  Students will design and evaluate structures using

a variety of materials.   

We will use the following process:

  1. Assess the problem

  2. Brainstorm solutions

  3. Create a solution you think will work the best

  4. Test your solution

  5. Evaluate your solution

  What We're Doing...

Everyday Mathematics

Unit 4 - Place Value Measurement

In this unit we will extend understanding of place value, which provides a foundation for the development of strategies for fluently adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers.  They will also explore standard tools and units for measuring length, time, and money.  

We suggest visiting

our technology page or the

district math area for the link to Mathseeds and other resources.

(For end of January/February) Unit 5- Addition and Subtraction

In this unit we will review addition and subtraction problems in the context of money and number stories.  They will learn strategies for mentally adding and subtracting 10 and 100.   Common vocabulary/ tools  your child may be referring to are:

  • Fact power

  • Money

  • Open Number Lines

  • Number Stories and Number Models

We are ending our focus on the unit “Communities and Where We Live” by inviting parents of our second grade students who are community workers to our Annual 2nd grade Career Day.