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Unit 7

“Exploring Our Interests: Nonfiction Research Clubs"

In this unit we will

strive to improve both our reading skills as well as, our speaking and listening skills. Our goal is to learn how to move past "fact collecting" and gain a deeper understanding of information.

We suggest visiting

our technology page for  

Reading Eggs and other kid friendly resources!


Unit 6 Opinion Writing

Our students have been learning how to effectively express their opinions through writing. The students will learn the structure and how to support their opinions.

Unit 7 Poems & Words

In this unit we will read, understand and write poems. We will focus on many types of poems.



We will learn

how things change!

We will use the

examine and observe:

  • Freezing and Melting
  • Evaporation
  • Mixing and Separating solids
  • Changing Salt Water to Crystals 
  • and so much more!
  What We're Doing...

Everyday Mathematics

Unit 9 - "Equal Shares and Whole Number Operations"

In this unit, the students will partition shapes into equal shares and apply these ideas to further explore length measurement. Please continue to encourage your children to practice those basic addition and subtraction facts because in this unit they will come in handy! 

We suggest visiting

our technology page or the

district math area for the link to Mathseeds and other resources.

"Exploration Age"
In this unit we will learn about great explorers!  We will discover all of the wonderful things these people did!  We will cover people like: Neil Armstrong, Jacques Cousteau, Matthew Henson, and many others!