Welcome to our First Grade Website! First grade is a pivotal grade in which a foundation for the rest of the primary grades is set. We look forward to working with your children during this special time in their lives.

Our Amazing    1st Grade Team!
1-1 Mrs. Granato
1-2 Ms. Gago
1-3 Mrs. Vassallo
1-4 Mrs. Kessler Mrs. Smith
1-5 Mr. Hardaker
1-6 Mrs. Lijoi

Special Events & Activities Coming Soon: 
Read Across 
America Week!

                Homework:               What to Expect

 (Please see individual teacher pages for homework info)

In Reading Workshop we will be beginning a new unit called Readers Have Big Jobs To Do: Fluency, Phonics,

and Comprehension.

It’s all about the reading process and comes at a time in the year when our readers will need to develop independence to make it to the finish line. We will be helping our students realize that they are ready to take on the important jobs a reader needs to do. Our first graders will be the bosses of their reading, solve their own reading dilemmas,

and use all of the different tools and strategies they’ve learned.  

In Writing Workshop students will be exploring Nonfiction by writing nonfiction pieces about themselves, the class, a place in the school, their partners and favorite objects. They will gather information for their own nonfiction writing by conducting interviews and examining objects.

  What We're Doing...

In Math our students will be examining the hour hand of an analog clock and how it moves as an hour passes, to prepare for telling time to the hour and half hour. We will also be working on several different types of number stories and using Helper Facts to add. We will be learning fact families and identifying attributes of different shapes.

In Science we are learning about the Solar System. We will be learning about the phases of the moon, the power of the sun and comparing and contrasting the day and night sky.

In Social Studies we will finish up our mapping unit and celebrate the various holidays coming up.