Welcome to our First Grade Website! First grade is a pivotal grade in which a foundation for the rest of the primary grades is set. We look forward to working with your children during this special time in their lives.

Our Amazing    1st Grade Team!

Special Events & Activities Coming Soon: 

Winter Concert 7:00 PM at NBTHS - January 6th
Kindness Week - January 27th to 31st
100th Day of School - February 13th (With No Snow Days)
Valentine's Day Card Exchange - February 14th
Read Across America Week - March 2nd to 6th


In Reading, our first graders are diving into the world of nonfiction!  They will take a look at and use the special features of nonfiction books as they learn new facts about topics that interest them.  


Writing: Unit 3 Telling More. Students are encouraged to go back into their stories to add details to their writing to tell give the reader more information. Students will use prompts during our sharing lessons to express what they found out from each other’s stories and to express what else they would like to know about their stories.

          What to Expect

 (Please see individual teacher pages for homework info)

          What We're Doing...

In math, our first graders are working on solving number stories that are getting more and more difficult. We are learning that there are many different strategies we can use to solve these number stories and  we are discovering what works best for us. We are also working on using number lines and number grids to count up (addition) and count back (subtraction). We are practicing skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and using what we know about number patterns to complete frames and arrows diagrams.

In our Unit 2 of Science, we are learning about measurements and weight. During this unit, we are going to work as engineers to create a communication device.

In our Unit 2 of Social Studies, we are learning about families and the community we live in. Students are learning about the different families and their dynamics. Students are also learning about the community they live in and the different communities around the world.