Welcome to our First Grade Website! First grade is a pivotal grade in which a foundation for the rest of the primary grades is set. We look forward to working with your children during this special time in their lives.

Our Amazing    1st Grade Team!
1-1 Mrs. Granato
1-2 Ms. Gago
1-3 Ms. Cook
1-4 Mrs. Kessler Mrs. Smith
1-5 Mr. Hardaker
1-6 Mrs. Lijoi

Special Events & Activities Coming Soon: 
 Social Studies 
Timeline Project!

                Homework:               What to Expect

 (Please see individual teacher pages for homework info)

In Reading Workshop we are learning the different features of nonfiction texts, and we are using nonfiction books to gather more information about topics that interest us.

In Writing Workshop we will be telling more by adding details to our writing pieces. We will continue to practice strategies for spelling unfamiliar words.

  What We're Doing...

In math we are learning about place value and introducing the Rocket Math routines.

In science we are learning about the Solar System.

In social studies we 
are learning about family roles and traditions by exploring different cultures.