Ms. Reynolds

Welcome to our classroom web page where you can find some basic information about our class. Please feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions or concerns that you may have. There are so many wonderful learning experiences in our classroom--I look forward to teaching my students every single day!

We love reading during our

read aloud period!

We will be enjoying

some wonderful stories:


Image result for the rain came down

Image result for the thing about spring

Image result for splish splash spring

Students will work on individual skills associated with our read alouds, as well as sequencing events in the story, answering wh- questions, and identifying characters.

In math we are going to replace our math manipulatives with fun spring items
like flowers and ladybugs!

Some fun ways students will use
the spring manipulatives will be to help them during rote counting review
and for addition and subtraction skills.

Social Studies/ Social Skills
Students are working on our
social skills unit on ways to be a good friend, such as taking turns, being supportive of one another, and being a good sport.

Students will learn skills needed for being a good friend. This unit will connect to our previous units on sharing and taking turns.

In writing, students will use webs to

help use descriptive skills when writing.

Some activities the students will work on will

be writing complete sentences with

sentence starters.