• Teacher Survey - 0-3 points
  • LinkIt Test (LAL) - 0-2 points
  • Sages-2 Logical Thinking Test - 0-3 points
  • Williams Test of Creativity - 0-4 points 

Students receive points for each component according to a scoring rubric. There are 12 possible points. Once a student is admitted into the program and successfully completes the requirements, he or she does NOT need to be retested to continue to participate in the program in successive years. 

Parents who have questions about whether or not their child should be tested for the program are invited to speak to their child’s classroom teacher by the end of April, as testing occurs during May or June.

Criteria for Math Olympiad

(Fourth Graders going into Fifth Grade)

  • Fourth Grade Math Link-It Test Scores                   0 - 4 points
  • Fourth Grade Math Report Card Grades                0 - 3 points
  • 5 problem Math Olympiad Test                               0 - 4 points

There are 11 possible points for students to earn in the selection process. Students will be notified in the Fall of fifth grade if they are invited to participate. Math Olympiad sessions begin in November.