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Unit Descriptions

Unit One

Passion Pursuits

Unit Two


Unit Three

Social Studies

Gr 3

Passion Pursuits

Flat Stanley

Global Trek

Gr 4

Passion Pursuits

Literature Around the World

Discovering Da Vinci’s Complexities

Gr 5

Passion Pursuits

Virtual Voyages

Supreme Court

** Each unit lasts approximately 11 classes **

Passion Pursuits - Grades 3-5
Passion Pursuits is an independent study plan based on an individual learner’s personal interests. In addition to exploring a passion more completely, independent units provide an opportunity for learners to engage in a range of skills involved in independent research and the creation of various products.

Flat Stanley - Grade 3
The Flat Stanley Project grew out of a classic children's book by the same name, written by Jeff Brown. In the story, Stanley, a regular boy, is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. On the bright side, he discovers that his parents can slip him into an envelope and mail him to visit friends in faraway places. In real life, students in thousands of classrooms around the world participate in the Flat Stanley Project. Each class makes its own cardboard flat friend and creates a life story for him. Then, through e-mail or regular mail, students send their friend on vacation with classmates in other countries. When a flat visitor arrives, host children treat him as an honored guest. They take him along on outings, snap travel photos, and keep a journal of their activities and meals, giving insight into life in their part of the world.

Global Trek - Grade 3

Global Trek is a way for students to travel around the world without ever having to leave their classroom. When students arrive in the country of their choice they are supplied with a suggested travel itinerary. This itinerary offers them links to background information and a chance to read about the country's people. As students travel through the countries they keep a journal of their thoughts and experiences.

Literature Around the World - Grade 4
In this unit, students travel the globe to see how culture impacts literature. As they work through the unit activities, students read and analyze many versions of a classic tale, learn more about the literary genre, and study character development and the difference that point of view can make in the telling of a tale.

Discovering Da Vinci's Complexities - Grade 4 
This unique unit explores the vast array of Leonardo da Vinci's interests and lifelong exploration of his passions. It is divided into five sections: The Renaissance, The Man, The Artist, The Scientist, and The Inventor. Students will engage in high-level discussion, hands-on activities, engaging research and artistic pursuits. This unit will allow students to understand the interests, passions, and complexities of Leonardo da Vinci, a true Renaissance Man. 

Virtual Voyages - Grade 5
This unit will allow students to create in-depth travel plans to a location of their choice for a virtual voyage through guided literature of the book Wanderer.

Supreme Court - Grade 5 
This GATE project is a simulation in which 5th grade students, in the role of justices and attorneys, bring to trial a selection of landmark cases that have been adjudicated by the U.S. Supreme Court. Through this recreation, students discover the significance of Constitutional concepts and procedures, as well as how the courts have addressed rights that may come into conflict. Students will work through three phases: preparation, legal briefs, and presentation. During the preparation phase, students are assigned their case and role (ex. judge, attorney.) They will then spend time researching a case and studying the facts. During the second phase, attorneys will write their legal briefs while the judges continue to research the background knowledge needed to understand both sides of the case. In the third phase, attorneys will present their cases to the judges who will then prepare written verdicts.