Gifted and Talented Education

Eligible third through fifth grade students are invited to participate in a rigorous after school enrichment program that includes interdisciplinary units, problem solving, and frequent opportunities to collaborate with their peers, utilize technology, and deliver formal presentations.


GATE Program Goals

*Adopted from the National Association for Gifted Children

  • The GATE program shall provide services that will be matched to the needs of the gifted learners through the provision of a full continuum of options.

  • The GATE program shall provide an Individual Education Plan for identified students needing differentiated services.

  • The GATE program shall serve as an advocate for students by facilitating activities and encouraging positive attitudes in the school and community.

  • The GATE program shall provide to teachers, administrators, and parents instruction, practice, and application opportunities for the use of skills, techniques, resources, and materials that may be appropriate to meet the unique needs of talented and gifted students or other students as appropriate.

  • The GATE program will supplement and build on the basic academic skills and knowledge learned in the regular classrooms at all grade levels to ensure continuity as students progress through the program.

  • The GATE program shall employ valid and systematic procedures using multiple criteria for identifying talented and gifted students for services.