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Mission Statement

"The mission of the North Brunswick School District, in partnership with the community, is to educate, inspire and empower our students to meet challenges and achieve success."

Our Core Beliefs

  • All students deserve to have the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment - ALL means ALL!

  • We believe in high expectations for our professionalism, instruction, and student outcomes

  • We believe all children are entitled to an exceptional education, based on their needs, characterized by a challenging and differentiated curriculum delivered by a highly qualified staff

  • We believe the diversity of our district is a strength, and that the education of all of our children is the collaborative responsibility of the home, school, and community

Gifted and Talented Mission Statement

North Brunswick endeavors to provide a broad base of experiences to enrich the intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs of all students.  By providing a rigorous and differentiated curriculum, our programs facilitate the growth of students as independent, life-long learners who will become productive citizens, with the development of skills, concepts and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional and social domains.

NBTSchools recognizes and is proud of the accomplishments of our academically and/or intellectually gifted and talented students who perform or show the potential to perform at substantially high levels of achievement in comparison to others of their age or experience.  These exceptional talents cross all racial, cultural, and socio-economic categories and are celebrated, as is all diversity at NBTSchools.

These children require differentiated educational services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular education program.