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North Brunswick Township 

 High School's 

Mission Statement

“The mission of the North Brunswick Township High School is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters personal and academic growth, creating life-long learners who are globally aware citizens.”
Respect Integrity Service Excellence

 "We Are North Brunswick"

North Brunswick Township High School           Belief Statements

We believe in:
  • Empowering students to be active citizens in a global community through technology and curriculum;
  • Offering a purposeful and comprehensive curriculum that offers a variety of opportunities to meet individual needs;
  • Developing independent learners;
  • Recognizing, addressing, and appreciating diversity;
  • Sustaining an environment which values self-respect and respect for others;
  • Providing a secure environment to ensure safety;
  • Encouraging community involvement to enhance educational programs and services;
  • Motivating students to be involved in the school and community;
  • Fostering personal excellence and development.

Profile of a Graduate 

A Graduate of NBTHS will:
Incorporate the NBTHS core values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence into his or her daily lives;


Exhibit character values for being trustworthy, compassionate, and 

genuine global citizens.

Respect economic, ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.

Demonstrate respect for their learning and the learning of others.

Respect the school property and grounds.


Volunteer in school and community programs.

Have knowledge, awareness and skills to succeed.

Exhibit leadership qualities in civic and school based activities.

Possess the personal qualities needed to be a self-assured, motivated, 

responsible young adult.


Act honestly and ethically.

Accept responsibility for his or her own actions.

Always strive to do their best work and appreciate the earnest work of 


Incorporate and use technology appropriately.


Set challenging and achievable goals.

Exemplify critical, creative, and independent thinking.

Exhibit competency in individual and collaborative learning.

Be committed to lifelong learning by believing in themselves and their