Feb. 22

posted Feb 22, 2017, 6:23 AM by NATHAN CEDERVALL
Things are getting pretty interesting in the art room. March is youth art month and I will be hanging up a showcase at Judd and will also be hanging up a display at the BOE offices. Great for our artists to get some of the recognition they deserve.

The kindergarten and first grade students are working on creating new animals by combining together parts of three real animals. Students are drawing the head of one animal, the body of a second animal and the tail of a third animal. They are also expected to draw a background to create a full drawing. They are really cool!

The second and third grade students are using the art elements and principles that they have learned about to create a unique pencil design. The creativity in these designs has been impressive.

The fourth and fifth grade students have started a project where they have learned how to draw a profile. Students are in the process of drawing a coin. They could choose from the quarter or penny and are trying to draw Washington or Lincoln in profile. We will also be adding value (lights and darks) to completed coins to make them look three dimensional. So techniqually, they are making money!