Welcome to Art!

All John Adams students, grades K-5, receive art instruction each week for 40 minutes.  What types of things are students learning about in art class? Young artists are introduced to the elements and principles of art through hands-on, multicultural activities and resources. Art skills and techniques are practiced through the grade levels while students explore various creative challenges. Creative endeavors include, but are not limited to, drawing, painting, collage, and 3-D projects. Developmentally, children flourish with such creative opportunities while learning how to express themselves, communicate visually and interpret the world around them.  Art provides a flexible forum for children to think critically while problem-solving, building self-esteem and discovering more about the world around them.

 Helpful Tips to Know:
* Please keep in mind which day of the week your child attends art class and have him dress appropriately for working with potentially messy art materials.
* All John Adams students, grades K-5 earn grades in Art. Kindergarten is graded starting second marking period only. Beginning in third grade, students receive traditional letter grades. Please see the report card for indicators and discuss expectations with your child.

* Beginning in third grade, students will be invited to put their artwork on Artsonia, a web-based art museum for children.  Be sure to ask your child for the Artsonia permissions slip with all the details or go to www.artsonia.com. 
*The month of March is officially Youth Art Month! While art and creativity are important year round, please take time to show appreciation for your child's creative efforts. Also, please check out the school showcase and other areas where student work is exhibited.
Feel free to contact me, Christine Pereira, at JA via telephone at 732.289.3100 ext. 14132 or via email at cpereira@nbtschools.org