Read with your child every day.

Students in all groups

should read for

15-20 minutes at home.

To spice it up, try these options:)

1. Read outside! Find a special spot under a tree, sitting on a skateboard, on a towel on the grass, etc...

2. Read to someone older than you and ask her/him three questions about what you read.

3. Read to someone younger than you and explain your story or information after every page.

4. Record yourself reading on someone's phone, a tape recorder, or a computer. Play it back for yourself. How did you sound?

5. Read in a different accent. Make yourself sound like an Irishman or a Texan. :)

6. Read like one of your favorite superheroes or television characters.

7. Read in a cozy spot inside your home like in a pile of pillows or with your fuzzy pet.