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Welcome to 5th Grade at John Adams Elementary School
2018 - 2019

Home of the Jaguars

Fifth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jacalyn Ostroski & Mrs. Emily Schubert (5-1)
Email: jostroski@nbtschools.org
Email: eschubert@nbtschools.org 

Miss Laura Pasqualetti (5-2)
Email: lpasqualetti@nbtschools.org

Miss Erica Farber (5-3)
Email: efarber@nbtschools.org

Miss Shannon Volk  (5-4)
Email: svolk@nbtschools.org 

Miss Leanne Barnhard (5-5)
Email: lbarnhard@nbtschools.org 

Mrs. Lori Egan (Language Arts Academic Support)
Email: legan@nbtschools.org 

Mrs. Sheryl Levine (Math Academic Support)
Email: slevine@nbtschools.org 

Mrs. Christine Pereira (Math Academic Support)
Email: cpereira@nbtschools.org

Mrs. Libre Pollock (Resource teacher)
Email: lpollock@nbtschools.org