Clip Art and Images

As we begin to create projects that require images and clip art, it is important to make sure that our images do not have copyrights attached to them. Here are a list of place where you can find appropriate images:

Use your Discovery Education account

Google Images 1) Go to Images. 2) Type in search term and search. 3) Click on Settings/Gear image on right. 4) Usage Rights: Free to Use or Share. NOTE: Make sure you give credit to the owner/photographer.

Pixabay A collection of sharable images.

Unsplash - Free photos gifted by photographers

Picts4Learning Copyright free images for school projects.

Creative Commons Search This site is a collection of sources where you can get and use images for educational use.

neoK12 - clip art and images for presentations

The Noun Project Lots of icons created by global community.

OpenArt Clipart. All clip art is in the public domain and may be used without restriction.

Emojipedia It's just what it sounds like. Lots of emojis for your use.

Photos For Class

Pexels - Public domain pictures. Some may also be on Pixabay.

POND5 - The Public Domain Project. A site for public domain pictures and video.

NASA Images NASA is happy to share its pictures with us.

Other pages:

4 Free Photos offers quite a few artistic high quality images. Many of these would be great for backgrounds. Supporting Units: transportation, food, landforms, geography, art, aircraft, plants, penguins, Spring.

Morgue Files A collection of photos that newspapers/magazines didn't use.

Flickr Go to Advanced Search link. Place a √ in Only search within Creative Commons licenses. Photos and images from this site may be used as long as you give credit to the owner/photographer.

Florida's Educational Technology Clipart Clearinghouse Supporting units: mythology, math diagrams, money, fairy tales, alphabets, animals, historical figures.

Library of Congress Photo Archives a wide variety of images for their history projects. Each image has different licensing, so look closely. Supporting units: famous Americans, presidents, civil rights, wars, inventors, authors, and just about any historical American event.

PD Photo Supporting units: geography, landforms, food, space, plants, ocean, grammar, animals.

Public Domain Photos - offers a vast collection of clipart images and high resolution photos. Supporting units: geography, landforms, US regions, flags from around the world, animals, space, ocean, plants, insects, food, vehicles, desert.

Clip Art for Schools -

Iclip Art for Schools:

Internet for Classrooms - Clip Art

Internet for Classrooms - Photos

Free Images for Schools

You can search Google Images, but you should make sure that the SafeSearch is set for Strict.

You can use Bing search engine's Image search ( and set the SafeSearch.

1) Click on "gear" icon in the upper right hand corner.

2) Under SafeSearch, set to Strict.