The 2020 Senior Subject Selection website and booklet outline the subjects available to you for next year.  It gives information about the qualifications you can work towards and about how subjects lead into those that can be taken in subsequent years.

The decisions you make now will impact on your future so it is important to consider them carefully.  We strongly recommend that you take the time to plan your whole course of study for Years 11–13 so that you know where you are heading and what you must do to get there.  It is also important that you understand what qualification you may gain from each of your chosen subjects.

Gather as much information as you can and discuss the available options with your parents/caregivers.  There are also a number of people at school who can offer you advice.  These include your subject teacher, tutor teacher, a head of learning area, dean, careers advisor, or a member of the senior leadership team.

We look forward to assisting you in making appropriate subject choices that move you along your chosen pathway for the future.

Kathy Sherwood