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Field trip information: Leaving 21 June students need to be at front of school at 0645 we are leaving at 0700 sharp, returning 22 June around noon. What to bring...Sun screen, bug spray, swim suit, lunch in a water tight ziplock bag or water tight lunch sack to carry on canoe in case it flips. Bedding, you will sleep on cots, money for snacks & lunch upon return plus there is a small store. Encouraged to bring board games, cards, football, Frisbee, extra clothes any extra food you want we are going to cook hamburgs and hot dogs and have break fast the next morning. Towel, tooth brush/paste,deodorant, soap*PJ's shorts and t-shirt you can sleep in that you don't mind everyone in the unit seeing you in-in good taste please- at least mid thigh on short and no see through shirts or those that over expose from the waist to the neck.
***You need to be in the clothes you are going to be canoeing in we are going straight to the river, so have your swim suits on and lunch ready.  Again this is a 13 mile river hike please review the link, it is recommended you know how to swim.  Can't wait to see you all, lets go have some fun! 
Please check out the link http
I have been informed if you can not swim it is not recommended you attend this trip the likely-hood up flipping is high, this is a 13 mile rapids river hike.  
Please call me if you have any questions Tuesday-Thursday this week I am back from BLT. 635-3089
(updated June 2016)

Returning uniforms for a new size or leaving the program states that all items must be dry cleaned and returned in the bag with a receipt listing all item cleaned! This instruction was a requirement and signed by your parents upon entering the program. Lost or missing items must be paid for by the student. Dry cleaning fees are applied as per prices established by the cleaners we use in town.
West Feliciana High School NJROTC Program is here to instill in our students secondary educational opportunities the value of citizenship, service to the United States , personal responsibility  and a sense of accomplishment.  The objectives of the NJROTC are to: 
Promote patriotism
Develop informed and responsible citizens
Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership
Promote community service
Provide incentives to live healthy and drug free
Develop leadership potential
Provide an alternative to gangs 
Promote high school completion
Provide information on the military services as a possible career

Who we are:

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps West Feliciana High School, St. Francisville, La