Welcome to the NJROTC Saints Home Page!

Phone in classroom is not working you will have to call the school @ 635-4561 they can transfer you to me!

I will leave forms at front office for sports physicals
Monday 31 July Campus-NJROTC clean up @ 1300 BBQ I will Bring hot dogs and hamburgers only bring a dish to pass

I will be out a few days next week I think 25-27, I have not have a break or weekend off this entire summer you all have kept me running or paddling depending on how you look at it. We can finish up loose ends before school starts get your physicals I will leave packets for your Doctor at front office, you must have NJROTC Health screen ing form, LHAA Sports Physical, and a signed consent form to participate in NJROTC!  We all know that I made changes to grading on the uniforms not 100 any more but 80% the other 20% of your grade comes from weekly ACT prep and class participation therefore you must have a physical because it will affect grades.  This was at the request of students as a whole. For 3- 95% or above you will earn a free pass, and some various other privleges all student invoked as per staff meeting!

31 July Campus Cleanup:  ½ day- then BBQ afterwards (bring a dish to pass) if enough sign up let’s have a round of volley tennis

1 August- Help out teacher days: Time 830-11:30-I will ask if any teachers need help before sending out a remind. Food Pantry from 1100-1:15-1:30 depending on how busy they are wear your polo please represent the unit accordingly. August 3rd last chance to volunteer at the food pantry come help out and spend some time with the most amazing and selfless people in your own community in doing for others, this has been a huge success! Arhiel Jones will be heading it up the experts are Ivan, Ivonie and Casey everyone else has a handle on it and can help guide you if you have never worked it before.

(updated July 25, 2017)

Honor, Courage, Commitment are the Navy Core Values we supported and defended through out out careers in the military and continue to live by and lead by example as retired member to instill n our Cadets.
West Feliciana High School NJROTC is an accredited, Citizenship Development Program. The goal of this program is to assist students with college, career readiness. and guidance they need too be successful in college a in today's highly competive work forse. 

Promote patriotism
Develop informed and responsible citizens
Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership
Promote community service
Provide incentives to live healthy and drug free
Develop leadership potential
Provide an alternative to gangs 
Promote high school completion
Provide information on the military services as a possible career

Who we are:

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps West Feliciana High School, St. Francisville, LA