Home of the Warren Central High School Viking Company

          Welcome to Warren Central Senior High School, Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC).  Commitment and discipline are our watchwords.


         The instructors at Warren Central High School are:


Jimmy L. Holder, Major, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret) {Senior Naval Science Instructor}

Robert A. Hodges, Master Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Navy (Ret) {Naval Science Instructor}


         The name of the NJROTC program is Naval Science.  The emphasis is on academic accomplishment and developing citizenship and leadership skills.  To be an effective leader, you must first be a good follower.  As each student gains experience, proficiency and knowledge, they will be given leadership opportunities within program activities.


         The Naval Science program will cover the following topics:


·        Leadership

·        Citizenship

·        Personal Growth and Responsibility

·        Public Service and Career Exploration

·        General Military Subjects


Through this program, each student will learn to develop self-discipline, and leadership.  Honor and integrity will be key ingredients to your successful navigation of the NJROTC curriculum and participation in extracurricular program activities.  Citizenship, basic military skills and naval customs, courtesies and traditions are other important subjects you will be taught.


         The following expectations apply to each cadet:


·        Attend class every day.  If it is absolutely unavoidable for you to miss class, get any missed work and make up any assignments immediately.

·        Pass all courses.  Turn in assignments on time.  Notify teachers/instructors if you are going to be excused from a class or extracurricular activity.  If you know you are going to miss a class, turn in assignments for those classes early.  If you do not know you are going to miss class, make up all schoolwork missed promptly.

·        Always come to school clean.  Be properly dressed and groomed. 

·        Be polite and courteous.  Treat other people, as you want to be treated.

·        Refrain from substance abuse in any form.

·        Be a good citizen at all times.  Your conduct reflects on you, your family, your school, the NJROTC program and the community at large.

·        You must turn in all required paperwork and complete all administrative and logistics matters in a timely manner. 

·        Wear the designated NJROTC uniform each uniform day.  Be proud of your uniform, wear it correctly and keep it neat and clean.

·        Participate in the physical fitness program.


         The NJROTC unit will offer extracurricular activities.  We strongly encourage participation in these activities.  These extracurricular activities are voluntary, but participation will be credited towards the leadership grade.  One purpose of the program is to build a sense of commitment to the local community.  Some extracurricular activities will be oriented to accomplish that goal.  The unit will sponsor the following extracurricular activities:

                        ·        Color Guard                    Rifle Team

·        Drill Team (Armed and Unarmed) Academic Team

·        Physical Fitness Team          Flag Team

·        Orienteering Team              Saber Team

·        Orientation Trips

·        Community Service Projects

·        Community Support Activities (Parades, Color Guards, etc.)


         This program belongs to the students of the NJROTC unit.  We are the instructors/coaches and mentors, but you must be enthusiastic about the program to make it a success.  Excellence is our standard.  We must consistently do the right things right.