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25 July 2017. Congratulations to eighteen members of Strom Thurmond NJROTC Rebel Cadets for completing the Drill/Leadership Camp at Clarks Hill National Guard Training Center from 17-21 July 2017. The selected cadet leaders who attended the camp were given the opportunity to practice leadership skills, in unfamiliar areas as they were introduced to various leadership techniques, and training activities they will need to know in order to perform their assigned duties.  They did not only experience how to live and interact with each other but they also benefited from many “hands on” skills, particularly when dealing with manual of sword, guidon, color guard, drill, and physical activities.  They enjoyed many other areas of their training and many are looking forward for the beginning of the school year to put into application some of the skills learned.

Special thank you to Mrs. Noah and Reville for caring and preparing meals for the cadets for the duration of the camp. The success of the training would not have been possible without their support and dedication to the Cadets and the program.

Rebel Leaders - Gathering prior to training

Cadet Leaders practicing Armed Drill

23 June 2017. Congratulations to the eleven members of the Strom Thurmond NJROTC Rebel Cadets who attended and completed the Motivation, Attitude, Skills and Training Camp (MAST) which was held at Clarks’ Hill National Guard Training Site, SC from 19-23 June 2017. It was challenging and enduring but at the end the Cadets enjoyed the various activities they were engaged in, that included drill, orienteering, team building events, boat maneuvering, and much more. They are looking forward to start applying some of the skills they learned at the beginning of the new school year. As of today, very exhausted, they are looking ahead to start their Summer Vacation. Job well done, kudos to all.

Rebel Cadets at Clark's Hill - Mast Camp 2017

Grucela and his team engaging in "Teambuilding"

13 May 2017. Strom Thurmond NJROTC cadets, family members, alumni, and upcoming cadets gathered at the U.S. Army National Guard military guard base in Edgefield for a day of games and food. The events that were held were cornhole, fishing, racquetball, and plank walking. Sgt First Class Black grilled and provided the food for the unit. A raffle was held at the end for the mothers that participated. This was an event that rewarded both the hard work and dedication of the cadets, as well as welcoming the future cadets.   

Cadet Ralphs Playing Cornhole

24 April 2017. Parents, family members, friends, the instructors, the Principal of Strom Thurmond High School, Mr. Black, along other various special guests were in attendance to the annual Strom Thurmond High School Awards Ceremony. The event was held after school in the gym and all of the cadets participated. Numerous cadets received awards, along with ones from special categories. The cadets were awarded for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the unit. Congratulations and Job well done, cadets!

Top Three Cadets Receiving Lone Sailor Award

21 April 2017. The Marksmanship Team traveled to North Augusta and competed in the Junior Olympics again eleven teams in the region. The Rifle Team placed third overall and were very proud of the four-member team. The team consisted of NSI Caylin Arbaugh, NS2 Cristiana Tapia, NS2 Carter Kingery, and Team Captain NS3 Emily Bird.

Marksmanship Junior Olympic Meet

21 April 2017. The Marksmanship Team traveled to North Augusta and competed in the Junior Olympics again eleven teams in the region. The Rifle Team placed third overall and were very proud of the four-member team. The team consisted of NSI Caylin Arbaugh, NS2 Cristiana Tapia, NS2 Carter Kingery, and Team Captain NS3 Emily Bird.

24 March 2017. The cadets held their quarterly awards formation in the gym. The cadets were presented with Cadets of the Month and Cadet of the Quarter. Several cadets were also given rank in the classes. Job well done, cadets!

Cadets at the Awards Formation

16-17 March 2017. Twenty-one NJROTC Rebel cadets participated in the overnight orientation trip to Charleston, SC to go on board the USS Yorktown. The cadets were able to explore the ship and even partake in a flight simulator on the ship. The cadets also ate on board and slept in the berthing areas. After leaving the Yorktown, the cadets also had the opportunity to take a tour of the Citadel. They enjoyed their time spent in Charleston and look forward to the next orientation trip.

Cadets Aboard the USS Yorktown

4 March 2017. The Rebel NJROTC Cadets participated in the eighth grade tours this Friday. The events consisted of the cadets. along with other members of the student body, conducting tours of Strom Thurmond to eighth graders from both JET and Merriweather Middle Schools. During the Assembly, the Drill Team performed Armed Regulation formations and the eighth graders were told about NJROTC and the Rebels' Unit. Overall, the event went very well and the cadets are looking forward to new members next school year.

Tour Guide Cadet Carter Kingery

Rebel Drill Team Waiting for Armed Regulation

24 February 2017. The NJROTC Rebel Cadets conducted their final Adopt-A-Highway of the year. A total of thirteen cadets were in attendance along with both instructors. The clean-up went very well and the cadets had a great time. Job well done, cadets!

Cadets Participating in Adopt-A-Highway

9 February 2017. The Rebel NJROTC cadets held their Area Six Personnel Inspection and Pass-In-Review Ceremony. The cadets performed well in all of the events. These events included the morning Personnel Inspection, Drill Team Exhibition, and marching the Review Ceremony in front of Commander Jones. In attendance were: Commander Jones (Area Six, U.S. Navy), Edgefield County District Superintendent, Dr. Robert Maddox, Strom Thurmond High School Principal Mr. Joshua Black, Senior Naval Science Instructor Chief Warrant Officer-4 Fervil (USMC Ret.), Naval Science Instructor NC1 Ty Face, along with several NJROTC alumni. 

Cadets Marching In Review

21 January 2017. The Strom Thurmond NJROTC Rebel Marksmanship Team attended their final meet of the season at White Knoll High School for the Area Six Championship competition. They placed eight out of twenty-three teams with a total score of 1888. In attendance were cadets Emily Bird, Carter Kingery, Cristiana Tapia, and Caylin Arbaugh. Cadet Tapia was awarded the team top shooter award with an overall score of 479. Congratulations cadets, job well done!

Cadet Marksmanship Team Competing in Area Six Competition