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13 October 2018. The Rebel Cadets Drill and Athletic Teams traveled to Greenbrier High School to compete in their annual Wolfpack Drill meet.  The teams competed in various events and wrapped up the meet by securing three first places in the following areas: Unarmed Regulation, Armed Squad, and Unarmed NS1. They also took two third places one in Unarmed squad and the other in Armed NS1. They also presented individual awards to Postal Marksmanship and Academic Team members. Cadet Arbaugh, C. was the team highest shooter and Cadet Boyd, J. scored the highest for  academic. Congratulations to all participants for a job well done!

Greenbrier Meet NJROTC - Rebel Cadets

12 October 2018. NJROTC Rebel Cadets commemorate the 243rd birthday of the Navy with PO Face reading a brief note on maritime history,  naval traditions, and the various ways the Navy birthday is celebrated. He also cut a cake with the Oldest and Youngest Cadet (Romero I and Adams, L.) present to mark this proud history of valor, courage, and tradition that begun so long ago. Happy 243rd Birthday to the U.S. Navy!

Rebel Cadets Celebrating 243rd Navy Birthday

27 September 2018 - Eighteen cadets from Strom Thurmond High School traveled  to USC Columbia to tour the NROTC portion of the University and learned about the academics and scholarship opportunities  that are offered in the program. Cadets had the chance to talk to and ask the Leadership of NROTC that were in charge questions as well . The trip was truly a great learning experience for the cadets and they all had a great time!

NJROTC Rebel Cadets at USC

20 September 2018.  The Rebel Cadets Air Rifle Team participated in the Navy League meet at North Augusta High School, this was their first meet of the season as they will be competing against several other teams in the Aiken County Air Rifle League.  The top shooter for the match was the team Captain (Cadet Arbaugh, C. ) with an overall score of 512, she was also the top shooter in prone and standing. The other members of the team included Cadet Craft K., Cadet Young K and Cadet Tapia G. Three of the team members were awarded with the gold, silver, and bronze pins for their respective performance. Kudos to all. 

Rebel Air Rifle Team at North Augusta

From left to right: Cadets: Tapia, Young, Arbaugh and Craft

Rebel Air Rifle Team at North Augusta HS

14 September 2018. The Rebel Cadets are presenting the colors at STHS football field as we host North Augusta football team. From left to right,(Cadets: Dasher, Polatty, Richardson, and Romero). Job well done. 

Color Guard Team presenting Colors

14 September 2018. More than 30 Rebel Cadets participated in directing traffic and assisting visitors to one of our football games. They received instructions, safety brief and proceeded to their assigned areas to perform various tasks. They worked expeditiously to ensure those who came to the game had a designated area to park their vehicles and to enjoy the game. Job well done Cadets.

Car Parking - Football Game

7 September 2018.  (21) Rebel Cadets participated in the Adopt-a-Highway program on Friday by picking up trash along Columbia Road on Hwy 23 near Strom Thurmond High School. Service to the community and the school is one of the many key aspects of the program. Way to go Cadets!

Highway Clean Up

3 August 2018. The marksmanship team attended camp in preparation for the upcoming school year. Six cadets attended the Air Rifle Range Safety which included safety rules, range procedures, air rifle range operations, proper storage, and personal safety.  They also took the pledge and the safety test prior to beginning shooting. They are looking forward to additional training in the upcoming school year.

Rebel Cadets at Marksmanship Training

30 July 2018. 20 NJROTC Rebel Cadets attended the unit leadership camp which was held at STHS with the goals of honing cadets’ skills as they get ready to lead new students into the new school year. Training was provided in various areas to include classes on roles of leaders, standards and expectations,sword, rifle, guidon handling, and limited drill movements. The cadets enjoyed their time learning and are now excited and are looking forward to apply what they learned.

Rebel Cadets at Leadership Camp

16 Jun 2018. Congratulations to11 NJROTC Rebel Cadets who attended and completed the Motivation and Attitude Skills Training (MAST) Camp at Clarks' Hill U.S. Army National Guard Training Site from 11-15 June 2018. The camp was structured to enhance the skills of a selected few cadets who have completed at least one year of NJROTC. The camp prepares cadets for leadership positions in the NJROTC. Everyone enjoys the various skills they learned and they are all looking forward to put them into application.  

MAST Camp Graduation

MAST Activities

19 May 2018. Members of the NJROTC Rebel Cadets mustered at the U.S. Army National Guard Reserve in Edgefield, SC for its second annual "Family fun day". Several parents and cadets attended as the Reserve Unit provided  meals and the use of the facility free of charge to our unit. Special thanks to Sgt Black and two members of his unit who assisted with cooking and preparing meals for the day. 

The cadets enjoyed themselves as they played a few rounds of corn hole, badminton and other games. The event concluded with a raffle and prizes. In addition, the outgoing and the incoming unit staff was introduced for SY 2018-19.  Thank you to all who attended.  

Family Fun Day Activities

Family Fun Day - Activities Cont.

30 April 2018. Parents, family members, friends, educators, Principal of Strom Thurmond High School, Mr. Black, Superintendent of Edgefield County, Dr. Maddox and many other special guests were in attendance for the annual Strom Thurmond High School Awards Ceremony. The event was held at the school gymnasium and the instructors, veterans, and many civic leaders presented various types of awards to some very deserving NJROTC Rebel Cadets. Many of the Cadets were also presented with unit awards. The Cadets were very proud of their contributions towards another great year of NJROTC. Congratulations to all, job well done!

Awards Night

Run United Aiken

28 April 2018. (19) Members of the NJROTC Rebel Cadets supported the Half Marathon, 5K, Kids Fun Run - Race United in Aiken, SC.  They manned various positions that included directing runners, handing out water/Gatorade, while cheering and motivating runners on the course. The success of the races was linked to the efforts of the many volunteers who contributed their time and in particular our cadets. Good luck to all participants and job well done by our cadets.

15 April 2018. The NJROTC Rebel Cadets Seaperch team participated in their first competition sponsored by Midland Valley High School at the YMCA in Aiken, SC. They were the overall winner as they took first place finished between five teams that competed in the event. It was a great experience for the team members Cadet J. Polatty, team captain; Cadet William, Cadet Bird, Cadet Mathis and Cadet Gallagher. The team was led by Ms. Ashley Lyon, a teacher from the Science Dept, at Strom Thurmond H.S. We appreciate her fervent support and want to congratulate them all for a job  well done! 

rebel Cadets Seaperch Team Members - Overall winner

Maneuvering through rings course

Race event

Ring and Loop Obstacles race

12 April 2018. Two members of the NJROTC Rebel Cadets attended a meeting at the Marine Corps League at Holy Trinity Church in North Augusta were they were acknowledged for their academic and leadership performance in the unit. The Senior Cadet N. Ralphs is the recipient of a $1,000.00 scholarship that will be presented to the cadet during  Awards night, the Junior Cadet, I. Romero received the leadership award, which will also be presented  during awards night. The cadets were accompanied by their families Ms. Torres, Krista, and Mr. Ralph who on behalf of the families, thanks the League for supporting the program. Kudos to both cadets. 

Rebel Cadets at MC League meeting

23 March 2018. The Strom Thurmond High School Color Guard Rebel Cadets presented colors during Special Olympics day; an event that highlighted sports for children with intellectual disabilities. The children had an opportunity to participate in many physical activities as they demonstrate their various physical fitness skills, gifts, talents and courage they possess.  The color guard detail from left to right included the following Cadets: Reville, Polatty, Richardson, and Romero.

NJROTC Rebel Cadets Color Guard - Special Olympics

16 March 2018. 15 members of the NJROTC Rebel Cadets participated in their fourth and last adopt-a-highway cleanup for the year as they collected trash on hwy 23. They continued to make a difference by giving up their time and also by making a difference in their school and community.  Kudos to all who participated, job well done. 

Adopt a Hwy

15 March 2018. The Rebel Air Rifle Team traveled to North Augusta to compete in the Junior Olympics at North Augusta High School. The Rebel Cadets took 6th place and wrapped up the year for marksmanship team competition. The highest team shooter for the unit was Cadet Arbaugh, she received a medal and a silver pin, the other members of the team each received a pin for their respective scores (2 silver and 1 bronze). Congratulations to all, Team Captain E. Bird, C. Arbaugh, C. Tapia, and A. Widner). Job well done.

NJROTC Rebel Cadets Marksmanship Team - Olympics Meet

4 March 2018. The NJROTC Rebel Cadets drill team attended Upstate Regional Drill Championships at Anderson, SC.  Twenty three schools participated in armed and  unarmed drill competitions and at the end of 11 different events the Rebel Drill Team took third place overall in exhibition. Their placement in other categories was as followed: 2nd place in exhibition armed, 2nd in exhibition duet armed, and 2nd in exhibition open ranks; 3rd place in regulations platoon arms, and overall 3rd place in exhibition. Congratulations to all participants. Job well done! 

Drill Team Trophies from Upstate Regional Drill Competitions

Unarmed at URDC, Anderson SC

Armed Drill URDC at Anderson, SC

1 March 2018. The Rebel NJROTC cadets held their Personnel Inspection and Pass-in-Review Ceremony in front of CDR Fenton, Navy Information Operations Command Georgia (NIOC), as our guest speaker and Inspector from Fort Gordon, GA. In attendance were: Mr. Louis Scott, Assistant Principal of Strom Thurmond High School, Mr. Campbell, Member of Edgefield County District Board, Chief Warrant Officer Fervil, Senior Naval Science Instructor and NC1 Face, Naval Science Instructor. Several of the Cadets' family members attended along with Strom Thurmond High School Band and the Strom Thurmond High School Concert Choir.  Both performed and entertained the audience with patriotic songs under the direction of both directors Mr. Craig and Mr. McKinney. (12) of our cadets received awards, the Unit Drill team performed two of their routines, the Company of Cadets marched in front of the reviewing officer, and the ceremony concluded with the flag detail presenting a flag to Coach Rouse who has been a strong supporter of the unit for the past twelve years.

NJROTC Pass-in-Review Ceremony

Rebel Cadets - Unarmed Drill

Rebel Cadets - Armed Drill

10-13 January 2018. Twenty-three NJROTC Rebel Cadets participated in an overnight orientation trip to Parris Island, SC to explore how cadets live and train. The cadets participated in light training, ate, slept in the barracks and had the opportunity to visit the PX. The Cadets enjoyed the time spent under the leadership of Drill Instructor Davis who was tasked to escort the unit during the tour. Very excited, many are looking forward to the next orientation trip.

Rebel Cadets - Parris Island

Sgt Davis - Mentoring Rebel Cadets

Rebel Cadets