Welcome NPHS NJROTC Cadets!                   Unit Mission Statement

North Port High School NJROTC focuses on the four fundamentals  of success, and each cadet should routinely reflect on these ideals and adopt their underlying principles:
* Fighting Spirit. Approach each day and every learning experience with a burning desire to improve the effectiveness of our unit, our shipmates, ourselves and our school.
* Integrity. Demand total honesty and forthrightness in everyone's words and deeds. Never be afraid to admit a mistake, and always learn from the mistakes of others. We will do what is right for the unit, and not always what is easy, no matter what the ramifications.
* Respect. Respect yourself, your shipmates, our unit and our school. Our appearance, demeanor and environment will be second to none at NPHS. Other will know us by how we perform, how we act and how we look.
* Teamwork. We all have contributions to make, and conversely we all have things to learn. No one cadet has all the answers, and no one cadet can solve all of the challenges our unit may face. Foster teamwork and maintain a questioning attitude with a burning desire to always learn more. Always have the courage to point out shortfalls, even in senior cadets in order to ensure unit success.

We represent the fighting spirit of North Port High School's Navy JROTC program and those cadets who came before us. Honor, Courage and Commitment are instilled in everything we do. Both CDR and I look forward to leading you through the challenges and successes that lay ahead.

Semper Optima (Always the Best)    Accept Nothing Less than First!