e is what it takes to stand up and speak:  Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."  Winston Churchill
NJROTC - It's not just marching. 
The NJROTC program is an elective course available to all ninth through twelfth grade students of Marysville School District. 

NJROTC is available to any student registered in the Marysville High School District and transportation is provided during 4th, 6th and 7th period from MGHS to the NJROTC site at MPHS.  A&T students can attend 0 hour and have transportation back to A&T and 3rd period (THIS IS NEW) has transportation in both directions.  You choose your course of study and we will help you navigate to success!

The goals of the program are to develop informed and responsible citizens; to strengthen character, self-discipline, respect for authority; and to provide knowledge about mission and opportunities in the uniformed services.
NJROTC provides broadened opportunities for qualified students (cadets) to gain entrance to one of the service academies or NJROTC college scholarships. Should a cadet choose to enlist in the Armed Forces immediately following high school graduation, a certificate of completion of at least 3 years of NJROTC ensures entrance at a higher pay rate.

NJROTC is entirely voluntary, it does NOT obligate the cadet to military service. All books, instructional materials, and uniforms are provided free of charge.

The Marysville District program located at Marysville-Pilchuck High School is Navy oriented. The instructors are retired Navy; the uniforms and academic curriculum are Navy based. The program, however, seeks to expose cadets to basic employability skills - LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK, MOTIVATION, CREATIVE THINKING, COMMUNICATIONS, AND GOAL SETTING - skills sought not only by the military services but also by ALL employers and organizations.

All of our events are student planned and executed!  All are invited to attend!
Watch our calendar as we get busy!


 Cadet of the Month:  These cadets are peer selected based on performance, dedication, and commitment.

 September 2014: Cadet Alexis Abasher          October 2014:  Cadet Kylie Brown   November 2014: Cadet Megan Loberg-Martin
 December 2014: Cadet Taylor Walters            January 2015:  Cadet Micah Adriano     February 2015:     
 March 2015:  Cadet Sabrina Hong                  April 2015:       Cadet Carley Lewis         May 2015:       
Senior Cadet of the Quarter:  These cadets are peer selected based on performance, dedication, and commitment.  
1st Quarter 2015:  Cadet Tyler Holland    2nd Quarter 2014:  Cadet Shandale Garcia   3rd Quarter 2014 :  Cadet Ivan Cristi    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________       
Distinguished Unit with Honors :2013/14 c/LCDR Angenica Corpuz, c/LCDR Sarah Hagberg
                                                                                              2011/12 c/LCDR Terryll Daguison and c/LCDR Kristopher Davies         

Distinguished Unit:    2014/15 c/LCDR Sarah Hagberg, c/CDR Nicholas Alonso

                                           2012/13 c/LCDR Kristofer Davies and c/LCDR Angenica Corpuz

                                                        2010/11 c/LCDR Mark Blankenship Jr and c/LCDR Terryll Daguison

                                                        2006/07 c/LCDR Michael Sales and c/LCDR Erik G. Flannery

 Unit Achievements: 09/10 c/LCDR Antony Deal-----08/09 c/LCDR Maria Arismendez-----(98/99, 04/05, 07/08)

2014-2015 NW JROTC D&R Competition Team Standings

ARMED DRILL TEAM - 2nd Place in Division, 8th Place  in State
UNARMED DRILL TEAM  - 2nd in Division, 4th Place in State
UNARMED DRILL TEAM - GOLD - 4th Place in Division
COLOR GUARD 1 - 4th Place in Division
COLOR GUARD 2 - 1st Place in Division, 6th Place in State
AIR RIFLE TEAM - 5th Place in Division
ADT Commander  - 4th Place in State
INDIVIDUAL ARMED -1st Place in Division, 7th Place in State
DUAL ARMED3rd Place in Division, 9th Place in State
DUAL UNARMED - 4th Place in Division

2013-2014 NW JROTC D&R Competition Team Standings

ARMED DRILL TEAM - 4th Place Regionals/2nd Place Olympic Division
- BLUE - 3rd Place Regionals/2nd Place Olympic Division
UNARMED DRILL TEAM - GOLD - 4th Place Olympic Division
COLOR GUARD 1 - 3rd Place Division
ADT Commander c/LT Joshua Buchanan - 6th Place Regionals / 2nd Place Division
UDT Commander  (Blue) c/ENS Stanley Reyes  - 4th Place Regionals / 2nd Place Division
UDT Commander  (Gold) c/PO3 Lester Flores  3rd Place Division
Individual Drill Downc/CPO CJ Pamintuan 1st Place - Division
Individual Drill Downc/SCPO Shandale Garcia 2nd Place - Regionals
Dual Armed - 4th Place - - - - ORIENTEERING - JV 3rd place

2012-2013 NW JROTC D&R Competition Team Standings 

UNARMED DRILL TEAM - 2nd Place NW Regionals / Olympic Division Champs
ARMED DRILL TEAM - 4th in Olympic Division / 10th in its first NW Regional Comp
COLOR GUARD - 4th in Olympic Division & 7th NW Regionals
UDT Commander - c/LTJG Terence Lacson 1st Place NW Regionals
Individual Drill Down - c/LT Leighton Flores 1st Place - NW Regionals
ORIENTEERING - c/PO1 Nathan Flynn 3rd Place in JV Division
AIR RIFLE - c/PO1 Alexis Rossi 27th in National Comp


 Marysville Navy JROTC Cadets - Where Are They Now?

C/Chris Jones - US Navy (Enlisted)    c/Shon Switzer - US Army (Enlisted)

c/Nathen Flynn - National Guard PV2   c/ENS Stanley Reyes - Navy ROTC - University of California San Diego, Class of 2018

c/LCDR Sarah Hagberg - US Navy (Enlisted)      c/LT Joshuau Buchanan - US Navy (Enlisted)

c\Shandale Garcia - UW    

c/Hannah Rudd - Christiano's    c/LCDR Kris Davies - UW   c/Ray Vital - UW

c/LTJG Forrest Brown - Olive Garden c/Chandler Nelson - US Navy (Enlisted)

c/Triston Shannon - US Army (Enlisted)  c/Colton Torgerson - US Navy (Enlisted)

c/Garrett Walters - US Navy (Enlisted)   c/LT Leighton Flores – US Merchant Marine Academy, Class 2017 

c/LTJG Dillon Ahola - Navy ROTC  Arizona State University, Class 2017    c/SCPO Nathan Strahle - US Marine Corps (Enlisted)

c/PO2 Brandon Lewis - US Navy (Enlisted)   c/LTJG Jacob Blomberg - US Army (Enlisted)

c/LCDR Terryll Daguison – Navy ROTC – University of Washington, Class 2016 

c/LT Raymond Vital – Navy ROTC – University of Washington, Class 2016

c/LCDR Michael Sales – US Naval Academy, Class 2013  c/LCDR Mark Blankenship, Jr. – US Naval Academy, Class 2015 



          NJROTC Teams up with Postal Office for Food Drive          

Marysville Hosts NW D&R Comps - Unarmed Drill Team Wins Division Title 

   Memorial Day Honor and Color Guard