Upcoming Events

AMI September 20!!

        Area 12 Manager, Commander Rustie Hibbard is coming to Hillgrove this Wednesday, Sep 20 to inspect our unit as a whole.  Everyone has a part of this, so we need to show him how good we can be!! Make sure you shine those shoes and belts as well as you ever have before, good luck everyone.

Unit Car Wash

        This Saturday, September 23 is our first major fundraiser of the year, a unit car wash!!  This will take place at the Chick-fil-a on Dallas Highway from 0830-1400. These types of events are extremely fun and we need most of the unit there to help raise money for all of the trips and events we do.  Hope to see everyone there this weekend!

        PARS are due Wednesday, October 4.  That is the Wednesday that we come back from fall break.  We will have 2 more full days in class to work on the, so there are zero excuses for not getting those signatures!!

Please see the Unit Calendar and Weekly Newsletter for details.


College Entrance Exams

Parents of rising seniors, now is the time for our Juniors to be taking the SAT/ACT college entrance exams for the first time.  Students should plan on taking these entrance exams at least twice (they rarely score their best on the first attempt).  Now is the time to schedule their test, allowing time for them to take it again in the early fall/winter prior to completing their college applications.  Upcoming SAT and ACT test dates are listed below.


Test Date

Registration Deadline


28 Oct 17

22 Sep 17


04 Nov 17

05 Oct 17


02 Dec 17

02 Nov 17


09 Dec 17

03 Nov 17


10 Feb 18

12 Jan 18


10 May 18

28 Feb 18







Please contact LCDR Hojnowski, Chief Harris, or a member of the CPO with any specific event questions.