Orienteering is the art of navigating through woods/terrain to locate control points (marker) using geographical features such as roads, trails, rivers, contours, and other features set on a map.  Using all available tools, you will learn to identify and locate control points in the shortest possible time.  Orienteering courses typically range from one to four miles, depending on the difficulty level of the course.  Phyiscal endurance, superb map reading skills, and good judgement are the keys to the success for any Orienteerer.

    Navy JROTC works closely with the Georgia Orienteering Club.  Visit their website for information on upcoming events, Orienteering skills, or to simply familiarize yourself with this exciting sport.   

    The orienteering team is comprised of Cadets who are interested in land navigation, physical endurance, and are willing to devote the extra time and effort required to compete competitively in both Area 12 and national competitions.