Executive Committee

 PresidentAmy Erskine    amyerskine5@gmail.com
 Vice PresidentLonnie Smithlonnie.smith@comcasat
 SecretaryJulie Harnage    j.harnage@comcast.net
 Treasurer Danja Mintadanya.minta@gmail.com
 Sponsorship Chair 
 Communications and Public & Community Affairs ChairValerie Jones


 Hospitality ChairLori Hojnowski
 Senior Naval Science InstructorLCDR Ronald Hojnowski Ronald.Hojnowski@cobbk12.org
 Naval Science InstructorChief Allen Harris   

Standing Committees


a. Promote the activities of the Hillgrove High School NJROTC program through sponsorships of local businesses.

b. Conduct an annual campaign to obtain funds for extra-curricular activities of Hillgrove High School NJROTC program.

c. Coordinate and oversee the activities of the Hillgrove High School NJROTC program through product sales promotions, car washes, and similar activities designed to raise funds for unit-related activities.

  Sponsorship Committee


Communications and Public & Community Affairs:

a. Maintain contact with parents as required by the Board or Instructors of the program through telephone, email or mail.

b. Encourage members to attend the meetings of CPO and the activities of the cadets of the Hillgrove High School NJROTC Program.

c. Promote the unit through maintenance and updating of the unit website, as needed, in coordination and support of the unit's cadet Public Affairs Officer.

d. Coordinate with the SSNI in the preparation and submission of articles to local media outlets.

e. Identify community service projects and ideas in support of the unit's overall community and school service mission.

f. Coordinate parent volunteers, as needed, for known community service events to ensure adequate supervision of cadets.

  Communications and Public & Community Affairs Committee

Chair: Connie Jackson


a. Coordinate volunteers to support Hillgrove NJROTC special events, such as the annual military inspection, military ball, hosted competitions, etc.

b. Coordinate food/drink items in support of all unit related activities, including those listed above, CPO meetings, and others as identified by the Naval Science Instructors.

c. Assist in the decoration and preparation of spaces for major unit events.


Hospitality Committee 

Chair: Lori Hojnowski

Special Committees

Auditing Committee

Nominating Committee

Scholarship Committee