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Uniform Policy

NJROTC Students agree to:

1.     Wear the prescribed uniform a minimum of one (1) day per week, as directed.

2.     Follow all specified grooming standards when in uniform.

3.     Make up all unsatisfactory grooming and uniform discrepancies prior to the next required uniform day.

4.     Properly care for all uniform items which are loaned to the Cadet for use in the Naval Science Program.

5.     Replace/Reimburse the Navy for such items of property that are negligently lost or willfully damaged.

6.     Participate to the best of their ability in all scheduled field trips, classes, drills, cruises, and other training events as scheduled by the Naval Science Department and approved by the Principal, Gloucester High School.

7.     Each week NJROTC Students receive a Uniform grade based on 5 categories: Position of Attention, Uniform Preparation, Knowledge (Chain of Command/Orders of a Sentry), Poise, and Personal Hygiene. The Uniform grade is 25% of their total class grade. 

8.     Failure to wear the uniform on 4 occasions during 1 Quarter will result in the grade of “F” for that quarter.

Uniform Issue & Cleaning:

Uniform items are issued to Cadets when they join the NJROTC program, Cadets retain the uniform as long as they are enrolled in the program. Cadets who outgrow specific items can return the items for a new size at any time. There is no cost to the Cadet or their parents when uniform items are issued. The Cadet is responsible for any tailoring required which is normally the hem on the uniform pants. 

The only cost to the Cadet and their parents is the cost of keeping the uniform items clean.  While most of the issued uniform items can be machine washed and ironed at home, some specific items require occasional dry-cleaning, and these costs are the responsibility of the Cadet and their parents.  Each issued item will have a tag that describes how to clean the item.

Only clean uniforms are issued out to Cadets.  When a Cadet returns a uniform item, whether because they have outgrown it or because they are leaving the program, it is expected that they will be turned in cleaned as well. If a Cadet leaves the program and has not turned in all of their uniform items, a fine for the outstanding uniform items will be sent to the school administration.  Students cannot attend school functions, nor can their grade reports / transcripts be sent out until they have cleared all of their fines.