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Area 5 NJROTC Programs

NJROTC Area 5 Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy is intended for upcoming juniors and seniors and is designed to help teach and motivate them for potential leadership positions at their individual Units.  Leadership Academy is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, but a very rewarding experience.  All cadets who come well prepared will receive a tremendous benefit from this program.  

The Director of Naval Science is responsible for ensuring that only the top candidates are recommended for this training.  The main objective of the Academy is to return a highly motivated cadet who will provide leadership for the unit for the next school year--someone who can come in and supervise, organize and train other unit members. 

Each school in Area 5 (Virginia, Maryland, & Washington DC) can nominate 2 Cadets (1 male, 1 female) to attend, if one of the schools instructors teaches at leadership academy they may nominate 2 of each gender. 

Successful completion of Leadership Academy includes passing a physical fitness test and a series of practical leadership activities. These usually include: Leadership Characteristics for the Cadet Officer, Physical Fitness and the Leader, Field Leadership (orienteering), Obstacle Course, Commanding Troops, Inspecting Troops, Sword Manual, & Social Etiquette and Manners.

NJROTC Area 5 Sail Academy
Selected cadets spend a week with other NJROTC Cadets from Virginia, Maryland, & Washington DC area schools learning to sail small boats. 

Students are berthed on base in Norfolk or Virginia Beach and complete classroom and hands on instruction at Naval Base Norfolk or Old Dominion University Navy ROTC in Norfolk. Students who complete the course earn a small boat sailing certification from US Sailing or US Naval Sailing Association.