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Everett NJROTC - Who Are We?


Welcome to Seagull Company

Welcome to the home of the Navy JROTC Seagull Company Everett High School, Everett Washington!  On this site you will find the latest information on the activities, events, and academic resources of our program.  We are always looking to improve this website, so please use the contact form link to provide us constructive feedback or to ask for additional information you would like to see provided here.

Who We Are

Since our Unit's Commissioning in 1995, the Instructors and Cadets of "Seagull Company" have strived to live up to the Navy's motto of "Honor, Courage, Commitment".  Located on the Puget Sound of Washington State, Everett High School Navy JROTC is an Everett Public Schools program attracting Cadets from Cascade and Jackson High Schools as well. The purpose of our program is build strong citizens and develop character with confidence in our Cadets so they may achieve success in high school and beyond!

What We Do

Cadets get hands-on experience in STEM-H projects like building a "SeaPerch" ROV (remote controlled submarine).

Some of the field trips cadets have gone on in the past have included Navy ship tours, marine science cruises, survivor swim training, visits to various military bases and military museums, plus much, much more.

Cadets learning water survival skills (and having fun) at Naval Base Everett.

Seagull Company Cadets aboard the USS Momsen (DDG-92)

The Navy Yacht Club hosted the Cadets for a day, teaching them navigation, and even letting them drive!

Cadets experience hands-on science aboard the Pacific Marine Research cruise ship. 
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In addition to field trips, cadets are also encouraged to be involved in community service activities.

Serving food, directing runners, and helping with cleanup during the Heroes Half Marathon, for one.

Cadets provide the Color Guard and flag duties on Memorial Day.

The Everett NJROTC Cadets continually raise an astronomical amount of food and donations for Everett High School's annual food drive.  

Cadets on the ice at a Silvertip's game Chuck-A-Puck.

Contact Us

Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Everett High School 
2416 Colby Avenue
Everett, Washington 98201

Commander Rick Gile, USN (Ret)
Senior Naval Science Instructor
(425) 385-4532

Senior Chief Petty Officer Carl Arbogast (Ret)
Naval Science Instructor
(425) 385-4542

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