Field Trip / Event Chaperone Information

Post date: Oct 15, 2010 5:16:51 PM

The CCPS field trip policy 2405 has been updated. All chaperones must register and be approved with KeepnTrack in order to participate in a field trip. Only approved volunteers/chaperones will be able to attend. You also must complete the process for every school year. For overnight field trips, chaperones must be registered (KeepnTrack) and must be finger printed. As long as you volunteer throughout the school year, you aren't required to get re-finger printed.

The administrator in charge of chaperones is Mrs. Sutton. After checking with Mrs. Sutton, please ask CWO3 Williams, or Mr. Lucas if you have any questions about your status. There are several chaperone forms to go along with the policy which are attached below. To start the process, look at the Volunteer Application process document.

Trust me . . . our field trips will be more fun than the paperwork so please register!!