Chain of Command

The President of the United States:

The Honorable Mr. Donald Trump

The Vice President of the United States:

The Honorable Mr. Mike Pence

The Secretary of State:

The Honorable Mr. Mike Pompeo

The Acting Secretary of Defense:

The Honorable Mr. Patrick Shanahan

The Secretary of the Navy:

The Honorable Mr. Richard Spencer

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

General Joseph Dunford ( U.S. Marine Corps)

The Chief of Naval Operations:

Admiral John Richardson, USN

Commandant of the Marine Corps:

General Robert Neller, USMC

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy:

Master Chief Petty Officer Russel Smith

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps:

Sergeant Major Ronald L. Green, USMC

The Commander of Naval Education and Training Command:

Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad, USN

The Commander of Naval Service Training Command:

Rear Admiral Jamie Sands, USN

Director of N.J.R.O.T.C.

Mr. Tim Daseler

The Area 5 Manager:

Captain James V. Daniels, USN-Ret.

Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI):

CWO3 C. Q. Williams, USMC-Ret.

Naval Science Instructor (NSI):

CPO K. Peck, USN-Ret.

Calvert High NJROTC Chain Of Command

Commanding Officer

c/LCDR Lauren Collis

Executive Officer

c/LT Jessica Manis

Command Senior Chief Petty Officer

c/SCPO Jeanelle Ford


Operations Officer Supply Officer Administration Officer

c/ENS Ashley Whicher c/ENS Kelly Coulby c/ENS Halie Hart

Operations Chief Supply Chief Admin Petty Officer

c/CPO Emma Swearingen c/PO1 Teyonna Harley c/PO3 Osmery Garcia

Operations Petty Officer Supply Petty Officer Admin Petty Officer

c/PO2 Cody Moore c/PO2 Hannah Smith c/PO3 Anthony Curtis

Training Chief: Supply Clerk

c/PO1 Leah Jones c/SN Justin Galvin

Training Petty Officer: Supply Petty Officer

c/PO2 Noel Pockey c/PO3 Kyle Wilcox

Ordnance Chief

c/PO1 Devin Lancaster

Ordnance Petty Officer

c/PO3 Jeff Rivas

Communications Officer: Color Guard/Community Service

c/ENS Emily Moler c/CPO Landon Hosier

Public Affairs Officer: Platoon Commander:

c/CPO Jessica Walters c/ENS Kyle Joy

Webmaster 1st Lieutenant:

c/PO2 Gabriel Hallberg c/ENS Jacob Todd


c/PO1 Hannah Matteson

Calvert NJROTC Teams

Overall Drill Team Commander:

c/LTJG Dylan Loveless

Air Rifle Team Commander:

c/ENS Trevor Graves

Air Rifle Team Chief

c/PO2 Emily Michalko

Athletics Team Commander:

c/ENS Sarahi Marquez

Athletics Petty Officer:

c/PO2 Dominic Reynolds

Orienteering Team Commander:

c/ Nate Beardmore

Orienteering Petty Officer:

c/PO2 Austin Giggey

Academics Team Commander:

c/PO2 Ryan Parker