NCO Instructor Info

What is N.C.O.?

NFO stands for "New Cadet Orientation". This day camp will replace BLT as the unit's way of training incoming cadets. At NCO, our instructors will be focused on team bonding, and building relationships within and between their platoons. However the foundation of NCO will be the same. Basic principles of NJROTC will be taught at the camp, and all recruits will participate in the Platoon Challenge competition. It's a great way for the incoming cadets to get oriented with how the unit runs, and how to get involved!

What does it take to be an instructor?

To be an instructor during the NCO day course, you must either be a member of the cadet staff (department position or team commander) , or granted a spot meritoriously by the OIC or one of the Naval Science Instructors. Simply being an instructor in the past does not automatically guarantee you a spot in the coming years. If a cadet has received multiple disciplinary actions during the school year, they may not be able to attend. While the Top 3 of the unit are required to go, rank alone should not entitle any cadet to attend either. Being active in the unit, doing well in school, and attending drill practices regularly can land a staff position for a cadet, and possibly a instructor spot. The A/OIC and OIC will select only 20 of the entire cadet staff to go.

How does the Instructor Course work?

NCO Instructor course will run for approximately five days. Of the five, three will be set aside solely for the training of the 20 NCO instructors. The other two are open for the entire cadet staff to attend a staff bonding trip. As of the 2019-2020 school year, the staff bonding trip will be camping at King's Landing Park in Huntingtown, Maryland.

During the three training days, the 20 cadets will be taught how to command a platoon, teach drill formations and movements, and how to guide their platoon to victory during the Platoon Challenge! Additionally, they will each pair up to teach a basic NJROTC class (Customs and Courtesies, Uniform Preparation, Chain of Command, ect.) This course is based around leadership development, and inspiring teamwork between cadets and their platoon instructors.

This is the link to the NCO Instructor Sign Up Sheet. Please indicate what you can attend with regards to the course and the day camp. All members of the cadet staff are eligible to go, but only 20 will be selected. The list of who has been selected will be posted in the classroom on May 31st, 2019.