CO Remarks:

"Calvert High is an incredible school that has offered me many opportunities over the years. NJROTC is by far the largest one. Through this program I have earned awards and gathered knowledge, strength, experience, and most of all, the friendships and memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life." 

 c/LCDR Isabel Worthy

XO Remarks:

"Three years ago, I remember the scared and nervous feeling of walking through the doors of Calvert High School for the very first time. However, Calvert NJROTC took me, a kid that was scared and overwhelmed by high school, and make me into the young man I am today. Calvert NJROTC has provided me many great opportunities to travel across the nation; from the mountains of Utah, to the beaches of Florida. The program has helped me develop the relationships that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will have many more opportunities to be a leader and make myself stand out from the rest of my peers; because of Calvert NJROTC, I have the guidance to start my life a step ahead."

c/LT Gavin Hassay

SCPO Remarks:

"Calvert's NJROTC has helped me improve and grow overall as a person, not just academically but physically too. I am grateful for the friends and opportunities I have earned from being apart of this unit. I will remember and cherish these years knowing I made the right decision joining."

 c/SCPO Austin Cooper