SY 2017-2018 Awarded "Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors" for outstanding success within NJROTC Area FIVE covering Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia!!

CO Remarks:
We are heading into our final stretch for the 2017-2018 school year and the Cadets are excited to finish the school year strong and head into a wide variety of summer activities! If you are interested in summer activities, now's the time to sign up and commit. Leadership Academy and Sail Training nominees have already been notified, but there is still Air Rifle Camp in Pennsylvania, Junior Wilderness Challenge in West Virginia, and Basic Leadership Training at Fort A.P. Hill Virginia. We also just wrapped up the third quarter, and your performance may be a deciding factor in promotions and selection for participation in events! Change of Command is right around the corner, and this is where c/ LT Michalko, c/ SCPO Hall, and I will formally pass down the leadership to the upcoming Cadet Officers, and is 25% of your fifth quarter grade; more info to come. Let's finish out the school year with excitement and motivation!

c/ LCDR William Wood
29 March 2018

Why You Should Join NJROTC!                          

The NJROTC unit is more than a program or a club - it's a family. There is always something to do around the unit whether it's participating in Drill, Air Rifle, Athletics, or participating in our field trips or various community service projects. We have made many achievements over the years to include being recognized as a Distinguished Unit for SY2016-2017, being awarded with the "Unit Achievement" streamer and ribbon for SY2015-2016, being a Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors (7 consecutive years prior), placing 3rd in athletics at the Area 5 Drill Championship, placing 1st overall in the NJROTC National Air Rifle Championship in 2011, and returning to the NJROTC National Air Rifle Championship in 2017. We currently have 110 highly motivated Cadets in our family and with all of these motivated cadets, we hope to achieve our goals which are: maintaining our Distinguished Unit status within Area FIVE, improving our academic success, developing leaders, competing for a position at the National Drill Championships in Pensacola, Florida, placing in the top 5 at the NJROTC National Air Rifle Championships, and being ambassadors to our school, county, state, and country!


I am a Navy Junior ROTC Cadet.
I strive to promote patriotism and become an informed and
    responsible citizen.
I respect those in positions of authority.
I support those who have gone before me to defend freedom and
   democracy around the world.
I proudly embrace the Navy's core values of honor, courage and 
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

What's the best thing about our NJROTC program?

"The best thing about the NJROTC is traveling around the country using planes, trains, and automobiles." - Cadet Kyle Michalko

"Every unit is different. Every unit has a specific area of expertise that they dominate in. But what makes Calvert stand out from the rest? Calvert NJROTC offers a wide variety of opportunities that most other units don't offer. The key to a great time in NJROTC is to get involved, and you will find that your time in NJROTC will be a time you will never forget."

-Cadet William Wood