Heubach Colors Pvt Ltd

On 20th January our students of 11th science had the opportunity to attend a session with Dr. Abul Iqbal, who is an advisor to Heubach Colors Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ravi Kapoor who is the Managing Director of this company was the person who gave us this privilege to meet Dr. ABul Iqbal.

The session was on " Chemistry - Art, Science, Profession and Passion". Technologies of Future.

A glimpse on Profile of Dr. Abul Iqbal:

Dr. Abul IqbalCEO
Abul Iqbal obtained his Masters Degree from University of Dhaka (Bangladesh), and his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Aachen in 1969.He subsequently spent six years as a Research Specialist with MONSANTO Research in Switzerland.In 1975 hejoined the Pigments Research Group of CIBA-GEIGY in Basel, Switzerland.In the following years, Abul Iqbal carried a variety of R&D responsibilities, to ultimately become the Head of Global Research of the Pigments Division in 1997, and subsequently in 1998, the Head of the global R&D operations of the Colors Division, resulting from the merger of the Pigments and the Textile Dyes Divisions of CIBA SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, Switzerland.Since 1997, he has also been a Member of the Research Board of CIBA SPECIALTY CHEMICALS.In 1993, Abul Iqbal was nominated CIBA Fellow.
Abul Iqbal is the co-inventor of a new family of commercial pigments based on diketo-pyrrolo-pyrroles (DPP).He has several distinctions and awards to his credit.Thus, he is recepient of the "Springorum Memorial Medal" and the "Borchers Medal" of theUniversity of Aachen, Germany, of the "Roon Award" of theFederation of Societies for Coating Technology, USA, as well as of the "PERKIN MEDAL" of the Society of Dyers and Colourists, U.K.He has taken out more than 100 patents and publications, and co-authored two book chapters on pigment dispersions.He is Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of St.Andrews, Scotland, and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Symyx Technologies, Santa Clara, California, USA.
Abul Iqbal has been a Member of the Organising Committee and a frequently invited Plenary Lecturer to Technical Conferences on Color across the world, such as to the European Conference on Smart Structures & in Scotland, to the International Symposium on Functional Dyes in Japan and USA, International Conference on Organic Dyes and Pigments in the Czech Republic, and the "3ème Cycle en Chimie" in Switzerland, to name a few.
www.chemnews-japan.com, 6 Nov 1997 
New Products : Dr. Abul Iqbal, Worldwide Head of Research of the Pigments Division of Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc., has revealed that the company has begun marketing latent pigments and a negative-type, chemically amplified photoresist - the key components of a novel, pigmented photoresist system specifically designed for color filters.The novel photoresist brings significant advantages in the color filter manufacturing process and enables high resolution color filters to be made. ...
New Products : NTT Opto-electronics Laboratories have developed nanometer composite resist by combining C60/C70-mixed fullerene and electron beam-applied resist.The new resist features 10 times greater resolution, able to produce a pattern of 90 nanometers in width, than conventional resist as well as a high accept rate (a pattern-height-to-pattern-width ratio).This is claimed to be a world first. ...