Art Class

  7th and 8th grade art

Instructor-Nyla French

Resources: Textbook- ART IN ACTION-Guy Hubbard 1996

Computer Lab-Smart board-various other books, resources and visual aides will be used when necessary to accomplish class objectives
Class Lectures,demonstrations, and personalized guidance

Outside resources include: art demos-lab classes- hands on activities

Syllabus : emphasis on drawing-8-10 weeks
Painting-watercolor-acrylic- mural wall painting-8-10 weeks
Pottery-7th-handbuilding-8th-handbuilding, pottery wheels- glazing and firing
Curriculum based on Illinois learning Standards for Art Education


Middle school level I-
This is an introductory art course, which will cover the basic elements and principles of design, the care and use of materials, safety, and terms / techniques used in art.Drawing skills will be demonstrated and practiced the first 8-10 weeks. Second quarter drawing skills will be further practiced and used throughout the painting unit.Painting projects will be done in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic.
Other media included: chalk pastel, crayon,marker,paper mache', set design,various craft,and holiday projects.

Basic set design and wall murals will be studied as part of our painting unit. Third quarter transitions to three dimensional design, with an empha
sis on ceramics, hand building,sculpture,and electric pottery wheels; finishing up the semester.

Middle school level II-is basically an extension of Art I with the student applying the creative process more independently on projects as their artistic skills increase. Art II classes will basically follow the same schedule as Art I.

ART HISTORY- is designed for students that are interested  combining art and history. We follow a historical timeline  and explore the story of mankind   through its art and artifacts. Art projects are done in class that demonstrate art forms throughout history.We are currently studying Roman,Byzantine, and  Islamic art forms. Currently our main focus and art form we are studying is ceramic tile.The students are designing the tiles,glazing the tiles , and learning how to fire the kiln.We are putting together a tile mosaic to be displayed somewhere in the school.Art History is working on Renaissance autobiography papers.
    The pottery unit is complete and we are now working on wire sculpture   and paper mache' as a 3-d unit.