Exploratory Subjects

December, 2008
Computer Technology
Mrs. Conner


Mrs. Conner’s sixth grade students are learning many components of Microsoft Word by doing “Word Challenges”.  These are tasks that they must try to figure out how to do on their own using the Help section of Word.  Students can help each other.  So far, they have been very successful!  Everyone has completed a graphics project which told about themselves using clip art and word art.  Students used the digital camera built into the new computers to insert into their project.  We are presently working on a unit on Internet Safety.  Students are drawing a poster or t-shirt logo or collage on the computer to show what they have learned in the unit.  They will then record a narration to go along with their project. Soon we will be working on keyboarding skills and a movie project. We will be using our new e-mail accounts shortly to be able to transfer files to and from school.


Seventh grade students have finished a unit on Internet Literacy where they created a Jeopardy game to showcase what they learned. Now they are learning how to do advanced searching on the Internet using Boolean Operators.  This unit will teach them to be able to find very specific information on the Internet quickly and efficiently.  Next students will be using their Nauset e-mail accounts to be able to work on school work at home.  Soon we will be starting a research project on an ancient civilization students are studying in social studies.  Students will be asked to create a multimedia project using PowerPoint 2003. In the project they will utilize the new computers and create a news spot using audio recording and several pens to highlight what they are talking about in their presentation.


Eighth grade students have completed a web evaluation unit.  Presently, students are finishing a unit on copyright laws.  Students will learn about copyright infringement and plagiarism, burning CDs and DVDs, fair use, and hacking.  Each student has done individual research and is creating an interactive game in PowerPoint using action buttons to teach what they learned from their research.  Students will have the opportunity to play each other’s games so that they can learn all the different content sections.  We are also using our e-mail accounts to create wikis to help each other out in our class assignments.  Students are also able to access the classroom website using their e-mail accounts.



From Mrs. Schrock, Administrator for Technology

Here is a short YouTube video which will help parents understand the collaboration component of the Google Docs which all students will have automatic access to as part of their email account with Nauset and Google Apps for Education.

Google Docs in Plain English


December, 2008
Enhanced Reading
Mrs. Paulus


Grades six and seven are learning different approaches to identifying main ideas (both stated and unstated) within expository texts.  Then they combine these main idea statements and sprinkle in some new details to form summaries of the texts.  In addition, students continually review the elements of expository, as well as narrative, texts, and add to their vocabulary knowledge.


Grade eight is studying more complex text structures such as persuasion, cause/effect, and multiple causes and effects.  Students also have read some classic short stories by authors such as William Saroyan and Carson McCullers, as well as an excerpt from a contemporary novel by Meg Medina. 


All students started book report projects in September and finished them on December 16.  The reports were full of quality work.  Some students wrote as many as four drafts before they were satisfied they had done their very best.  Great work, everyone!

Consumer Science
Mrs. Kendrew

Mrs. Kendrew’s sixth grade students are exploring the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and My Pyramid at http://mypyramid.gov  
Students are assessing their own daily diets and looking at food groups and nutrients. Soon they will be examining Nutrition Facts labels and analyzing the sugar and fat content of some of their favorite foods.


December, 2008
Foreign Language

Mrs. Keavy



In grade seven French classes, students are finishing the chapter in which they learned to talk about themselves and their likes and dislikes.  They learned the subject pronouns, the difference between a conjugated verb and the infinitive, the first conjugation –er verbs, and how to make a statement negative.  The culminating project was to illustrate sentences using all the forms of the –er verbs.  In the next chapter, students will learn to tell time and talk about their school day: schedule, subjects, and opinions of their teachers and classes.  Differences in grading systems and test-taking in other francophone countries will be compared to our system. 


In grade eight French classes, students have completed a unit studying the major monuments of Paris.  Students have also learned to describe places around town and what they will do at these different places.  New verbs have been introduced and mastered:  aller to talk about where you are going and to describe near future events and vouloir to describe what you want to do.  Students “read” their palms to predict their futures and created a palm reading poster.   All interrogative forms will be introduced and practiced in interviews with other students.  After the winter break, we will learn vocabulary to talk about and describe family and family members. 

American Sign Language
Mrs. McGuinness


In grade seven American Sign Language classes the students are learning about the history of the Deaf and the struggles they went through to be recognized as having their own “culture”. They also have achieved a level of skill where they can converse in sign. 

In grade eight American Sign Language classes the students are conversing in sign on almost any topic. They are learning about the differences between the Deaf and Hearing cultures as well as the many ways in which they are the same. They are learning more about the conflicts that have been in the Deaf culture a long time ago that still exist today.


Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs. Smith-Fay


In grade seven Spanish classes, students are finishing the chapter where they learned to talk about themselves. They have written a paragraph telling what they like and don’t like to do using infinitives. They also know how to use adjectives to describe themselves. In  chapter 2 students will learn to tell time and talk about their school day: schedule, subjects, school supplies and opinions of teachers. Students will be conjugating –ar verbs. Differences in grading systems in other countries will be compared to our system.


In grade eight Spanish classes, students are completing the chapter on vacations and travel. Sra. Smith-Fay’s students will write and present a paragraph and poster showing where they are going on vacation and what they will be bringing. Sra. Dickinson’s students are creating power point presentations in which they narrate what they would bring on a trip. In the next chapter students will be learning about the house and the chores they do (or don’t do). As a cumulative activity students will create a diorama of a room. They will write about the room, describing it and telling what they like to do there. Lastly they will present the room to the class orally in Spanish. Students are improving their writing and speaking skills.


 December, 2008
Visual and Fine Arts

Arts Day will be held on January 30, 2009. All day every 6-8 NRMS student will be participating in musical, performing, kinesthetic and visual arts activities in a rotating format. The purpose of Arts Day is to provide students with increased opportunities which will enhance an appreciation and understanding for the visual and performing arts at NRMS. This will be an unusual and fun learning experience for all of our students.


The early morning advanced art classes are continuing to work on oil paintings and watercolors from photos and sketches taken on their field trip in October. The best oil paintings will be auctioned off in the Outer Cape Auctions www.outercapeauctions.com sometime in the spring. More information to follow.

Early morning art is open to all students in grades 6-8 every Tuesday and Friday from 8:50-9:50


  Mr. Krenik

 Arts Day was held on January 30, 2009 and was a huge success. All NRMS students participated in musical, performing, kinesthetic and visual arts activities in a rotating format as well as two all school assemblies, one of which was invited Nick Page, a nationally known song writer and music educator who lead an interactive, energetic performance. The purpose of Arts Day is to provide students with increased opportunities which will enhance an appreciation and understanding for the visual and performing arts at NRMS. We hope to continue this unusual and fun learning experience next year.

If any parents or guardians know of an activity appropriate for next year’s Arts Day, please contact Mrs. Sears searsm@nausetschools.org, Miss Birchall birchallr@nausetschools.org, or Mr. Krenik krenikj@nausetschools.org.

The early morning advanced art classes have finished oil paintings from their field trip in October. The best oil paintings will be auctioned off in the Outer Cape Auctions www.outercapeauctions.com on Saturday, May 3 at the Provincetown Inn. Students are now creating artwork from weekly sketching assignments.

Early morning art is open to all students in grades 6-8 every Tuesday and Friday from 8:50-9:50. Advanced art students are selected by invitation. 8th grade advanced art meets Thursday mornings, 7thgrade advanced art meets Monday mornings and 6th grade advanced art meets Wednesday mornings.

6th grade students finished a drawing unit, and an exhibit of these drawings is in the main hallway. Students have also designed and created a functional clay sculpture with the function concealed. Students will then design and create patterns for various uses.

7th grade students are creating three dimensional drawings in linear perspective, to be followed by a clay sculpture that shows a play on words such as idioms and oxymoron’s, and will finish with an artwork inspired by a museum visit to the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Students in home rooms 255 and 256 are given the opportunity of going on a field trip to the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA. This will be a rich and rewarding art experience with museum docents conducting Visual Thinking Strategies throughout the museum galleries. Upon returning to school, they will create an artwork inspired by the museum visit.

  8th grade students have created mandalas to solve a personal problem or help them achieve a goal, followed by creating a clay sculpture to commemorate a person who needs to be remembered. Students will close the term making an Identity box with collaging techniques to express who they are.

The art department is in need of special interest magazines for 8th grade students as well as empty shoe boxes.

 Miss Birchall

6th Grade Art

The 6th graders this term have been working with the art elements- color, line, shape, form, texture, value and space.  They have been creating artworks in a multitude of media, including marker, colored pencil, watercolor, clay and pastels; each of the lessons focus on a particular element.  Most recently, they have completed Pop Art inspired clay sculptures, which will be fired, painted and ready to take home shortly.  Their next artwork, Fantasy Handscapes will feature a combination of both observational and creative work.

7th Grade Art

7th graders have finished their “Name Totems.”  These pieces focused on symmetry, positive and negative space and personal identity.

They are currently working on 1 and 2 point perspective drawing in which they will design a dream room and an imaginary street corner.

Next, they will create Visual Pun animal masks in clay.  With this assignment, the students chose an animal that has a name that could be interpreted to look like something very different than it actually does- such as ‘catfish’ or ‘butterfly.’  They then make a mask of that interpretation.

* 7th graders in both Miss Birchall’s and Mr. Krenik’s art classes will be going to the Cape Cod Museum of Art on March. 12, 2009.

8th Grade Art

Students recently finished their Windows to the Soul pieces. These pieces focus on observational drawings of the eye and collage work as a way of expressing personal identity; they are on display in the main hallway.

They have just begun their sculpture assignment in which they will be creating personal ceramic containers.  These pieces are functional as well as express a personal interest or hobby.


Afternoon Art

Afternoon Art is in progress and is open to any interested student.  It runs from 3:20 to 4:15 everyday after school; however, due to budget constraints, there are no longer any afternoon buses so students will need to be picked up at 4:15).  This time is open to all skill levels and will focus on developing personal style and creating meaningful art.


A small group of afterschool students have also been working on a mural in the main hallway.


Congratulations to February’s Artists of the Month!

Carlisle Wheeler: 6th Grade

Haley Collins: 7th Grade

Max Mayer: 8th Grade


Examples of their exemplary work are on display in the main hallway.


Youth Art Show

            The Orleans Cultural Council is hosting a youth art show at the Orleans Town Hall.  Nauset Regional Middle School has been invited to select student artworks that display outstanding creativity and craftsmanship.  The following students’ have been selected; their work will be on display in the Skaket room of the Orleans Town Hall until May 8th, with an opening reception on March 20th at 6:30 pm.

Meg Carr

Karly Rojas-Vienneau

Abby Roderick

Nick Smith

Heidi Moeykens

Tori Kanter

Richie Emerson

Maggie Leland

Jessica Whalen

Maya Hamilton

Wesley Dancause

Niklas Burgess

Elisha Rennert

Nicole O’Leary

Leslie Travers

Annika Erikson

Music Notes

Mrs. Sears x107
Mr. Hagopian
Mr. Prall

The music rooms are buzzing with sound and activity. Approximately 200 students are involved in our lessons and ensemble program this fall. We have 6th grade Band and Orchestra; 7th and 8th grade Band and Orchestra; 7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band; and 6, 7 & 8th Combined Choir up and running smoothly. All music students should have handed in a contract signed by both the student and parent. Please call us if you didn’t see a contract (255-0016 X107). In order to help plan your schedule the Music Calendar is listed below.

Music Dates 2008-2009

(Dates subject to change)

January13 – 6th Grade Concert, 7 PM
February 13 – Band Workshop
March 10 – Annual Pops Concert
(Grades 7-12 combined)
March 6 & 7 – Jr. District Festival
(Select students)
March TBA – String Jamboree
                                  April TBA – Jr. Jazz Night
                                  April TBA – Choral Workshop
                                  May 12 – Advanced Spring Concert, 7 PM
                                  May 15 – Great East Festival
                                  May 25 – Memorial Day Parades
                                 June 8 – 6th Grade Spring Concert, 7 PM

In making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument or sing in chorus you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and achievement. Parental support and involvement are important factors in a child’s ability to be a successful musician.

You can help by:
  • Providing a quiet place to practice
  • Schedule a consistent daily time for practice
  • Praise efforts and achievements
  • Encourage your child to play or sing for family and friends
  • If you play or sing, do it with your child.
Studies show that students with experience in music performance score significantly higher on the verbal and the math portions of the SAT than students without a music background.
Music Makes You Smarter!

Mrs. Harvey



Library Media Center News


This term Ms. Reddish and Ms. Bertrand’s 6th grade homerooms have library class.  In this exploratory subject students expand their knowledge of literature and the information gathering process.   They learn to use the school’s online catalog (OPAC), we discuss selected web sites which are valuable for students.  We also learn how to use the online database called Grolier Online which help’s to support the curriculum.  It is wonderful to see so many students who enjoy reading.


Book Bowl 2009 has been kicked off.  This is our schools annual reading contest.  Students may sign up in teams of 3, 4, or 5.  Each team collectively reads a selected list of 15 books, and then on Book Bowl Day – April 28th this year – competes against all other teams to answer questions on them.  Finals are held in the auditorium in the afternoon.  Winning teams receive certificates to bookstores, medals, and a lunch out.

This year we have 39 teams signed up to participate.


Book Bowl 2009 Titles:

A Long Way From Chicago By Peck

Breadwinner By Ellis

Bull Run By Fleischman

Chasing Vermeer By Balliett

Crispin By Avi

Eager By Fox

Eggs By Spinelli

The Giver By Lowry

Golden Compass By Pullman

Hoot By Hiaasen

Jungle Book By Kipling

Music of Dolphins By Hesse

My Brother Sam is dead By Collier

Outsiders By Hinton

Pictures Of Hollis Woods By Giff


Health Education
Ms. Stack
Ms. Flanagan

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Julie Flanagan to the Health Department.
Ms. Flanagan comes to NRMS with 16 years of experience in the field. She has implemented a new early morning program, “Get Up and Go”, which offers a variety of daily activities before the start of school, focusing on fitness and fun!
All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are scheduled for health classes for one term each. They will complete a comprehensive health education program. The overall goal is to continue with efforts to promote the health and well being of our students, and to help them make informed decisions during their middle school years.
The focus of study for 6th graders includes tobacco, mental health, safety and injury prevention, violence prevention, inhalants and physical growth and development.
In the 7th grade curriculum, students learn about the body systems and how they function together. Students enjoy many class experiments that help them explain the role of each of the body systems. A favorite of the students is listening to their hearts and digestive systems with stethoscopes. Following this, a drug unit that includes alcohol emphasizes the dangerous effects of this substance on the body and mind. Deputy Cahill will provide a presentation on drugs.
As 8th graders, students learn about current teen issues. Topics covered are marijuana, eating disorders, self-injury, depression, suicide, and human sexuality. The sexuality section includes healthy relationships, reproductive systems, pregnancy and birth, and prevention of STDs. Guest speakers will  include a representative from The Independence House, as well as Deputy Cahill’s presentation on drug prevention.
Assessments for all grade levels include quizzes, tests, class-work, role-plays and class participation. Grade level counselors will also be collaborating with Health teachers to promote a positive learning environment and school culture through teaching students how to approach various choices.
From Ms. Flanagan

As we begin another school year, it is with great enthusiasm that a new and exciting fitness and nutrition program has been developed for your child, Get Up and Go!  Get Up and Go is designed to be a progressive program that builds on the individual successes of each child.  Students will engage in a variety of activities ranging from cardio-kickboxing, bike riding on the bike path, muscular strength training, Yoga, nutritious cooking lessons, growing an herb garden and playing traditional sports.  The primary mission of Get Up and Go! is to expose students to many different avenues of physical fitness, wellness and nutrition with the end result being a fondness and desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This program takes place during a 55-minute block of time before school, beginning at 7:55 AM. 

December, 2008



National Junior Honor Society





The National Junior Honor Society and the Seventh Grade Student Council along with the United States Marine Corps challenged the students and teachers of Nauset Regional Middle School to participate in this year’s annual ‘Toys for Tots’ program. This program helps ensure that no child on Cape Cod will go without a present this holiday season.  The students collected new, unwrapped toys for one week in December. The focus of this event was to assist people in our community that maybe less fortunate than we are at this time. Student participation in such an important endeavor also creates an enthusiasm to render service to our community and promote a high regard for citizenship. Character that most students of Nauset Regional Middle School take pride in.  The goal was 100% participation from teachers and students.  Students collected over 600 toys this year.  We would like to thank all the students and their families as well as local businesses that generously donated.  This is a good time to count our blessings and recognize the needs of others.


Mr. Sheehan

Mr. Moore

Ms. Jackman




 December, 2008




Mr. Murphy

Ms. Newcomb

Mrs. Flanagan

Ms. Stack



The Physical Education department has had busy months of November and December.  The students have begun pre-testing in the Presidential Fitness Challenge and will continue throughout the year to improve upon their scores.  Activities include the 1-mile run, pull-ups or flex-arm hang, curl-ups, v sit and reach and shuttle run.  In November we did various gym games along with the presidential fitness Challenge.  In December our focus was volleyball. 


In our Run Across America year long activity all grade levels have reached the state of Ohio and will continue to accumulate mileage throughout the year.  With the winter approaching we believe our mileage totals will decrease due to inclement weather conditions to run outside. 


When we return to school in January we will begin our basketball unit.  Please help your student be prepared for class on their designated P.E. day by making sure they have athletic footwear.



  December, 2008




                DATE                         LOCATION      DISMISSAL GAME 


Tues., January 6, 2009              At Lawrence MS                       2:40             4:00

Thurs., January 8, 2009             At Hyannis                                   3:10             3:45

Mon., January 12, 2009             Mattacheese                               3:10             3:30

Wed, January 14, 2009              At Harwich (Boys)                        3:10             3:30

                                                   Harwich (Girls)                        3:10             3:30

Wed., January 21, 2009             At Mattacheese                           3:10             3:30

Thurs, January 22, 2009             At Nantucket                               TBA             3:30            

Mon., January 26, 2009             Hyannis                                    3:10              3:30

Mon., February 2, 2009             At Harwich (Girls)                         3:10              3:30

                                                   Harwich (Boys)                       3:10              3:30

Wed., February 4, 2009             At Chatham                                 3:10              3:30

Fri., February 6, 2009               Lawrence MS                            3:10             3:45

Mon, February 9, 2009              Wixon                                       3:10             3:30  

Wed., February 11, 2009           Nantucket                                 3:10              3:45



             DATE                      LOCATION         DISMISSAL   GAME


Thurs., January 8, 2009             Charter                                     3:10             3:30

Mon., January 12, 2009             At Mattacheese                            3:10             3:30

Wed., January 14, 2009             Harwich (Girls                           3:10             3:30

                                                   At Harwich (Boys)                   3:10              3:30             

Wed., January 21, 2009             Mattacheese                               3:10             3:30

Wed., January 28, 2009             Charter                                         3:10             3:30

Thurs.,January 29, 2009             At Falmouth Acad                         2:40             4:00

Mon., February 2, 2009             At Harwich (Girls)                           3:10             3:30

                                                          Harwich (Boys)                  3:10             3:30

Wed., February 4, 2009             Chatham                                      3:10             3:30

Mon., February 9, 2009             At Wixon                                       3:10             3:30