Shakespeare and British Literature

Hamlet - download Folger Digital edition HERE for Mrs. McMillin's class

William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the greatest writer in the English language, and the Folger exists to house and celebrate his work.

Although our collection extends beyond Shakespeare, his works are the centerpiece of the Library—and the cornerstone of its existence. A great deal of our world-class collection is devoted to his plays and poems, which we have in copies ranging from their earliest printings to the most recent editions. Researchers at the Library can consult everything from 16th-century printed books to 20th-century theatrical ephemera.

Looking for free online editions? Folger Digital Texts give you the same reliable plays and poems that you enjoy as Folger Shakespeare editions.

MIT's complete works of William Shakespeare.

Geoffrey Chaucer 

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
(1342 - 1400) - Edited by Sinan Kökbugur, this  site displays the tales in one frame with a glossary in another frame...very helpful. Also contains a Chronology of Geoffrey Chaucer's life and times (a drawback is the casino advertisement)

John Donne
The Literature Network 
Searchable database on John Donne


William Shakespeare
The Internet Public Library: Shakespeare Bookshelf 
This is an incredible Shakespeare site with links to his complete works, criticism, study guides, discussion groups, text search, etc.

William Shakespeare, Complete 
This is an online version of the complete works of William Shakespeare, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also includes links to other Internet information resources related to Shakespeare, his life and times. 

The Shakespeare Web 
An interactive, commercial hypermedia environment dedicated to the increasingly popular understanding of Shakespeare's plays and other works. Includes information on current performances of the plays. 

Mr. William Shakespeare On the Internet/Web 
Dedicated to the increasingly popular understanding of Shakespeare's plays and other works. Includes information on a wide variety of topics related to Shakespeare. This is an excellent place to start research on Shakespeare, his life, and times. 

Shakespeare's World at Emory University    
A collection of Shakespeare's works and information about his life time.

 Elizabeth I - be sure to use the "Additional Sources"
Elizabethi org.
English History - Biography, Portraits, Primary Resources
Elizabethan England
Life in Elizbethan England
Shakespeare Resource Center
Shakespeare and the Globe Theater
Shakespeare and the Globe, Then and Now
Lots of links about Shakespeare and his theater
Julius Caesar the play vs. Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar and Shakespeare