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Music is for everyone. Google wants to make learning music a bit more accessible to everyone by using technology that’s open to everyone: the web. Chrome Music Lab is a collection of experiments that let anyone, at any age, explore how music works. They're collaborations between musicians and coders, all built with the freely available Web Audio API. These experiments are just a start. Check out each experiment to find open-source code you can use to build your own.

Motion Stills stabilizes your Live Photos and lets you view and share them as looping GIFs and videos.
Turn your Live Photos into epic, cinematic GIFs and video collages with Google’s advanced stabilization technology:
• Create epic movies and video collages.
• Add fun Motion Text and emoji that tracks objects.
• Share your Motion Stills as looping GIFs

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  How to Add Voice Comments to Google Docs 

This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers

Kaizena's updated Google Docs Add-on streamlines the process of adding voice comments to Google Documents. If you haven't tried it, watch the video.

Applications for Education 
The combination of voice comments with direct links to a lesson could be very helpful to students who might otherwise be confused by the voice comment alone or the lesson alone, and the voice commenting feature can be helpful to ELL students and teachers.