Native Spiritual Journey's & Visions

Spiritual Awareness:
nthropological studies have shown that 1000's of cultures around the world have conceptualized a "Higher Spirit" in one way or another, even before organized religions ever existed. If you believe there is more going on beyond the ordinary bounds of thought, cognition, and psychology, then your right.  Many people experiment with New Age Practices such as meditation, Yoga, hypnosis, psychics, etc. and don't realize they are seeking higher levels of Spiritual Development.  We are all on a Spiritual Journey through out our lives, some are just further along than others... 


What are Native Spiritual Journeys?: Native Spiritual practices are powerful spiritual insights, visions, healing, or experiences, the content of which is unique to each person. The "Native" aspect of Spiritual Journey's refers to usage of spiritual practices that have been in existence since time immemorial, before "time" itself.  Native practices are ways of accessing higher realms or levels of spirit that reflect the True Native Spirit.  It is through authentic Native practices that Spiritual Journeys or "Visions" are achieved.  The difference between Native Spiritual practices & other New Age methods, are the usage of time honored culturally based practices.   

How are Spiritual Journey's different from other New Age Practices?  All new age practices seek to raise us up to higher levels of spirit.  In a Spiritual Journey or Vision, your spirit becomes the conduit by which you access higher levels of consciousness.  And, once you open, expand, or strengthen your spiritual connection it stays with you for life.  Unlike commercialized religions, hypnosis, therapy, chants, psychic readings, or spiritual counseling which tend to be more cognitive, native practices focus primarily on Spirit. Like some forms of Meditation, native practices are culturally based, and involve the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.  Again, Native practices have very unique & time honored methods that are very difficult to replicate.  

Tapping into Spirit: Tapping into Spirit, the Higher Power, Creator, God, etc. gives us insight into the Universe, Human Existence, Life problems we may be experiencing, and can even further our own understanding of the Spirit itself. Through this Spiritual connection we are shown a way through Life, it Opens things up for us, Gives us strength & insight into the world, and that which hinders Us. What this spiritual connection gives you is unique to your own individual life circumstances, history, social position, and problems or issues.  Sometimes, the Spirit shows you what people are doing around you, or at times, even to You. Irregardless of where you are in your own spiritual development, It gives you what you Need to move up to the Next level in order to gain a better understanding and insight into Life, Society, God, and the larger Universe. 

Some Things People Seek or Pray for or About:

 --  Spiritual Journeys, Vision Quest, etc.
 --  Enlightenment, Spiritual development, etc.

 --  Education, Career or other goals, etc.
 --  Protection Prayers from Evil spirits, Evil Psychics, or Evil People,
 --  Addictions, Substance abuse, etc.
 --  Emotional or physical Healing, Grief, etc.
 --  Forgiveness, Family, or relatives, etc.

 --  Other issues and problems as needed...

If you are Adventurous, Open minded, & seeking Spiritual Awakening, Journeys, Assistance
, or even if you are just even remotely interested and want to try something new, Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email with questions etc.:
SESSIONS: Currently, Sessions can be  arranged and last about 1-4 hours either in individual or group session for about $75-100 dollars (negotiable) per person with reduced group rates, within the Southwest Region - Sedona & Flagstaff area.  Long distance sessions are available by phone/internet with a photo if you prefer.