Bloom, Benjamin

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Benjamin Bloom, born in Pennsylvania in 1913, became one of the most influential theorists to promote mastery learning and higher level thinking. The epitome of Bloom’s work was intentionally focused on organizing educational objectives according to their cognitive complexity. Bloom was interested in providing a useful practical tool that was congruent with what was understood about the features of the higher mental processes. Thus, he created Blooms Taxonomy. He discovered that the higher order thinking was dependent on the level that preceded it. In other words, students needed to be able to recall information to then comprehend, to analyze, then to apply it, and so on. Bloom discovered that the goal of teaching needed to be geared toward the designing of tasks so students were led to the realization of the objectives vs. given the objectives for recall. Recently, Bloom's Taxonomy has been revisited and revised after determining that Synthesis was a higher thinking process than evaluation. It was also revised to show "verbs" instead of "nouns."



 Benjamin Bloom will forever be remembered for promoting and recognizing human potential. 

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Here is a template of Web 2.0 Tools according to the six level of Bloom's Taxonomy: