At Natures Own Design, the goal is to restore balance in your physical body, calm your emotional mind and allow you to enter a deeper form of consciousness and connect with your center.  Beyond relaxation, the healing benefits are:                                                              

Accelerated healing
Relief of pain and stress
Balance of the energies with the body
Maintenance and improvement of the immune system
Release and cleanse of toxins from the body
Increased vitality and well-being
Removal of energetic and emotional blockages
Aiding in recovery from trauma, accident or surgery
Helps in spiritual growth


My style of yoga is Gentle Hatha & Vinyasa.  I focus on the breath to bring the most benefit your body needs while creating a relaxing and peaceful practice for your mind and soul. 

Hatha incorporates together physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation to bring health to the body and quiet or peacefulness to the mind.

Vinyasa is any sequence of flowing movements that link one pose to the next and is performed in conjunction with the breath.  Vinyasa is a dynamic, low-impact form of strength training, and can be quite aerobic.

The class will be 1-hour long including a warm-up and breaks to allow your body moments of rest.  We will end with a 5-10 minute relaxation.
  • M,W,F @ 9am  The Vitamin Source, Spooner

  • Walk-in: $8
  • 5-class punch card expires 3 months: $35
  • 8-class punch card expires 6 months: $45
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The Vitamin Source,
231 Walnut Street, Spooner, WI  54801

Intuitive Energy Healing

I greatly depend on my intuition whenever I am doing energy healing.  This is a healing session that incorporates any variety of healing modalities.  I am guided to help your body release energy blockages simply by listening to my intuition.  I use all my senses when working and that is how I help your body.  I may get a visual of your foot or feel a pain in my shoulder.

I may use any of the following: 

  • Reiki - a healing art whereby the practitioner transmits energy to the recipient, often by the gentle laying-on of hands.
  • Chakra Healing – the technique of opening your chakras and working within them on blockages and injuries.
  • Inner Child Healing – this heals the connection between you and your inner child.  When you see a grown-up that can laugh and play with that innocent and fun energy, they are connected to their inner child and the relationship is healthy.
  • Guided Imagery – uses creative imagination to “picture” scenarios that relax and heal.
  • Reflexology – the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears.
  • Acupressure – a technique based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" in the body. Physical pressure is applied to points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.
  • Quantum Touch - a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy, the flow of energy that sustains all living beings, of the body to promote optimal wellness.
  • Remote Viewing – a mental faculty that allows a “viewer” to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses, normally a point within your body.
  • Tuning Forks – the use of the sound waves through the aura to vibrate and heal blockages.
  • Vibrational Ultra Sound – the technique of creating ultrasonic waves of vibration within the aura to release and move blockages.
  • Essential Oils – the scent of essential oils can create healing in the mind and the vibration can heal blockages in the aura.  When used with acupressure or reflexology, the oils can help the body move blockages with greater ease.

60 minutes: $60                           30 minutes: $30


A reactivation of the chickepox virus in the body, causing a painful rash that may appear as a stripe of blisters on the body.  Pain can persist even after the rash is gone. Anyone who's had chickepox may develop shingles.  Source: Mayo Clinic

Another level of my healing has recently presented itself.  I have had a vision of what the Shingles Virus looks like and am in full understand why people can be challenged.  I am grateful that I have been able to help those close to me that have acquired Shingles.  This Healing, in conjunction with medical treatments, has helped to shorten the duration of the disease and has helped to eliminate the nerve pain.

Any residual pain, that affects some of those that have healed from the rash and initial infection, is being caused by the damage that the nerves endured.     

The Shingles Healing is available through distance healing also.  

I offer this healing at a discounted rate with heartfelt compassion.  

Session length may vary.  $25

Call 715.296.5552 for any questions or to make your appointment.