Extraterrestrial Geology and Geophysics

Smoke trail over sky in Chelyabinsk region

This group is lead by Gunther Kletetschka. We are interested in meteorites, planetary geology, composition of asteroids and comets. Specifically we dwell into the comet age evaluation based on crystallinity, if asteroids can possess their own magnetic dynamo, and what is the nature of geophysical fields on planets like Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, including some of their moons. Growing interest is about fall of meteorites on our planet, and what change this makes to terrestrial environment. Another focus is on possible ways how to design mining of asteroids, how to navigates this cargo back to Earth and how to safely deliver it to the surface of Moon or Earth. We also explore the degree influence of terrestrial conditions on the pristine meteorite composition once they land on the surface.

Günther Kletetschka,
Jul 13, 2014, 1:20 AM